Why You Need Legal Translation Services in Dubai


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When such a technical and complex matter as law enters the international arena, as is often the case in our globalized world, legal translation services can save lives, bypassing the linguistic barriers that inevitably arise between professionals from different parts of the world.

On the other hand, when doing business in a foreign country or migrating, situations that have become increasingly common in the modern era, it is possible that legal documents must be officially translated according to the requirements of a particular institution.

Legal translation is a complex intellectual exercise. Some legal concepts and terms, for example, are not shared by each country/jurisdiction and have no equivalent. Thorough knowledge of the legal issues surrounding the source and destination texts is therefore essential, not to mention that every translation error can have serious consequences, especially on corporate law. Needless to say that, in legal matters, the language used and its accuracy are of utmost importance. Most legal translation agencies work with both corporate institutions and companies and individual clients. For this reason, the nature of the documents translated in this context may probably require a certified translation.

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Since legal documents include specific terminology and format that must be retained during the translation process, legal translation projects from English to Arabic or vice versa must be assigned to professionals with experience in legal documents. In addition, Dar al marjaan has an extensive network of translators that translates from English into their native languages ​​in pairs of languages ​​such as English – Polish, Latvian, Malay, Norwegian and Hebrew and many more.


Choosing legal translation company means choosing the guarantee of reliable, accurate and fast translations They should have extensive experience translating a wide variety of legal documents, maintain strictly high standards in the translation of legal documents, assigning the translation work only to the team of legal translation professionals. Translators and proofreaders also have extensive experience working in the legal sector or have undergone complete legal translation training. For this reason, this type of translation service is generally more expensive than when it comes to working on a less complex text. Because legal documents comprise an extensive area of ​​knowledge, some specific areas of expertise are available within this area. For example, the translation of marriage certificates can be delicate due to bureaucratic differences between countries of origin and destination. In the same way, a simple spelling or terminological error in the translation of a contract can lead to great difficulties for the client.

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Following are some examples of documents that legal translation services in Dubai should provide:

Commercial contracts, sales agreements, employment contracts, distribution agreements

Non-compete and non-confidentiality clauses

Terms and conditions



Power of Attorney

Real Estate Archives

Criminal proceedings

Divorce process

Legal release

Letters of intent

Company statutes

Research Reports

In order to present you with a perfectly translated legal document or text, the legal translation company implements a thorough quality control process before delivering your document online.

For all those who still do not know how to choose the right company from the many legal translation agencies, Dubai Translation Services can show its quality-oriented translation approach through a good amount of successful legal document translation projects in more than 30 languages.

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