Why ‘Team Extension’ is what you need to grow your business?

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What is Team Extension?

You must have got hit by the term ‘Team Extension’ somewhere on the internet while searching for professionals dedicated developers or a web development agency which could help you get your project(s) completed.

Well, ‘Team extension’ is an upgraded version of the dedicated team model. It is the process of finding loyal, talented professionals or companies for projects.

In the extended team model, the client outsources few departments or the part(s) of the department(s) to another company expertise in it. This generally done to focus on the core department(s) and businesses.

This extended team corresponds to your:

  • Methods of work,

  • Technology used,

  • Nature of Work,

  • The flow of Work,

  • Style of Management

  • Data Maintenance.

The extended team sits either at the (outsourcing company’s) client’s workplace or at their own. The client can identify them as their own resources and has a right to manage them, but with the help of the outsourced company.

How does this concept work in the case of ‘Information Technology?

You can outsource, or extend your work to us! You can get your software or web apps or mobile apps developed by outsourcing the stuff to us!

Or if you have a team of your own but feel that you are short of few more people or short of expertise then ‘Team Extension’ is what you need.

You tie up your team with our team to get the job done. This allows you to focus on your core business. You need to hire new people and get them trained, rather tie up with already experienced professionals.

This reduces the cost of recruitment, training and even then doesn’t guarantee the proposed results. The in-house team is not that expertise to get it done for you the way you want it!

Difference between ‘Team Extension’ and other similar types of ‘Services’!

It is obvious for what it stands for, and how it contrasts from few other similar sounding options in services, and this may cause confusion for common people seeking for a dedicated team to get their project completed. The other services are

  • IT Staffing,

  • Outsourcing,

  • Dedicated teams,

  • Staff Augmentation,

And they all sound similar, as we have discussed earlier however they differ minutely from each other. The concept of ‘Team Extension’ a new and better option to implement in the hiring process, as it helps in building a team for development stuff that niche skilled!

How do you benefit out of ‘Team Extension’?

  • You get an experienced team of professionals. Your in-house may lack experience and expertise owing to the fact that your company’s core business is something else and the in-house team never got exposure

  • You need no processes like recruitment, training, consultancy, managing, and compensation for these ‘experience team’.

  • Eventually, it gets down to cost involved in the above process. Cost-cutting achieved by ‘Team Extension’.

  • You are devoid of these lengthy, time-consuming processes mentioned above.

  • The technology used at the ‘extended team’ will always be superior as it is their bread and butter. You get an access to some of the coolest technologies!

  • You can have immediate access to a pool of engineering ability with a wide and different skill-sets!

Benefits of ‘Team Extension’ in detail:


IT professionals are it web analyst, database administrators, data warehousing specialists, ETL developers, web developers, mobile app developers, software developers, testers, search engine optimizers, etc, are present worldwide.

They evolving every year! The new generation of IT freshers is making their way into their field. Along with them, they brought the new set of rules which are reshaping the way these professionals live their life!

They exuberant and happening in nature, unlike the old school developers, who considered geeks and nerds!

Normal people around the globe not only work but also take out time for themselves, they love to travel, meet new people, see new countries; the IT professionals are not nerds anymore, and they like to do the same stuff.

The developers also love to travel and usually prefer to coordinate the work with their traveling. A few of them are freelancers; others work for an organization on adaptable terms, which helps them, to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Some software engineers even full-time and freelance at the same time. The nature of work doesn’t require them to be stationed at a workplace, rather they create a space for working anywhere they want, all thanks to the laptop!

TechTIQ Solutions have an expert and flexible team in PHP Developer or PHP ProgrammerTeam extension gives the client with the right set of developers or professionals to work with.

Niche Skills:

With regards to software solutions, numerous organizations need to have an edge over their competitors and oblige the requests of present-day clients. As a rule, this accomplished through the usage of the most recent technologies.

However, for these organizations, the main issue is that many of these technologies are either starting off or updating constantly. Regardless of whether it is a project with AR, Block-chain, or Internet of Things.

Team extension finds a steadfast software development team that comprises of qualified engineers who have a blend of multiple skills required for complex projects.

Professionalism Counts:

As organizations (that offer team extension) have more than five years of experience in managing a dedicated development team, they hire a lot of professional and experienced engineers on a full-time basis.

They additionally keep a track on them and their work. They regularly motivated through appraisals, salary hikes, awards and all other. These professionals form a community that keeps helping each other.

Web development in London is a great example, they have been balancing cost-effectiveness and unwavering quality.

The size of this market and its administrative structure permits the organizations working in this area the ability to offer a highly adaptable team extension.

This implies that a dedicated software development team working in a team extension model can rapidly develop in toe with a client’s business.

Dedication and Loyalty:

The dedicated out-house team chosen which loyal and exuberant enough to get the job done! The ‘team extension’ is a blend of many things!

Cost Effectiveness:

As earlier discussed, the cost of hiring an extended team on a lower side as compared to the cost of hiring people and getting them trained in something that which not your core business.

Who Would probably seek for Team Extension?

  • A lot of startups also seek team extension services, to succeed with large-scale projects.

For Example, a new start-up says Company X wants to earn some serious money by taking a million dollar project but it doesn’t have the necessary experience in their team to carry out the development of such a big project.

So the Company X asks Company Y (relatively bigger and well-established company) for a team extension to get their project done! So Company X’s team works hand in hand with Company Y for that particular project.

  • A company which wants to focus on its core business.

For an example, ‘Company A’ which is a multi-national consumer goods manufacturing company is willing to focus on their manufacturing unit and hence, is in desperate need of an extended team (to strengthen their in-house team’s effort)

which can take care of their SAP based Materials Management, and Supply Chain Management endeavors, so they tie up their in-house team with an external team from an IT giant named ‘Company B’.

Company B agrees to deploy their team that will help Company A’s in-house team with their efforts in the fields of SAP MM and SAP SCM.

How to hire ‘Team Extension’ Experts?

For the best outcome, search for software development companies who have been working in IT for well more than five years. A significant number of them offer the new dedicated team model. The offering may somewhat vary from organization to organization, yet the primary offer ought to be the same. Additionally, a few organizations prefer “Dedicated Team” for updated services.

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