Why only Laminated Tubes are best for Pharmaceutical Packaging purposes?


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The lami tubes are otherwise known as laminated tubes are characterized by multi layers of polymers as well as other materials. Now, the laminate tube is in significant demand in different industries such as cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Various types of  lami tubes are manufactured by the manufacturing industries to package certain kinds of products. Mainly, two variants widely use in laminate tubes such as plastic barrier laminate and aluminium barrier laminates. These packaging are the most suitable for food products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and other FMCG items.

The Toothpaste laminated tubes, moisturizing cream tubes, and ointment tubes are some of the advanced packaging offered by the laminated tube manufactures. By the introduction of new laminated tubes, the traditional packaging has been eliminated from these industries.

Now it is used across the globe in personal care, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries widely to protect the product from environmental damages and other things. It is an integral part of pharmaceutical industries now because you need specific standards for packaging the healthcare items which are fulfilled by the laminated tubes only.

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It has excellent barrier properties

When it comes to packing specific pharmaceutical products, the manufacturer has to meet certain criteria for the safe packaging of the item. The laminated tubes are well-known in the product industries due to its multi layer design and barrier properties.

The uniqueness of the tubes is that it provides benefits of aluminium, looks, and feels like plastic from outside. The flexible and soft exterior of the laminate tube provides an excellent seal. The leak-proof property of the tube makes it the best packaging material.

Additionally, it protects the product from UV rays of sun and moisture. The shelf life of healthcare products is maintained and extended due to the perfect packaging.

So, it is the best option to package the items in pharmaceutical industries. Some of the important features of the laminated tubes for which it is used in the healthcare market are:

  • It provides fragrance protection and reduces the absorption.
  • The tubes offer a glossy finish.
  • The resistant barrier has maximum compatibility.
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The exterior of the tubes

The appearance of the product is important when it comes to market the item and drive the buying behaviour of the customers. Whether it is Toothpaste laminated tubes, ointment, or hair care products, the package has to be attractive enough to catch the attention of the buyer. In every industry, the packaging is a crucial thing to consider when the product is released to the market.

The laminated tubes offer flexibility to customize their package in ideal shapes, and the smooth surface provides a glossy finish that looks beautiful on the shelves of the retail shops. Like every other industrial market, pharmaceutical industries also require to give an attractive finish to the product packaging, so it has been used for years now.

Along with a beautiful appearance, the laminated tubes also provide excellent layering and seal. To the product to protect it. For that, it becomes a vital part of packaging pharmaceutical products.

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