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Certain events in life are truly ‘once-in-a-lifetime.’ Of such events, marriage is perhaps the most important. After all, it’s that one day when the two shall become one flesh – truly life-altering! 

A lot many people are involved in making this big day complete; out of them, the wedding photographer has, perhaps, the most critical role – of keeping the day alive for years to come via their smart captures. Today a full-blown career option, wedding photography is highly rewarding. Let’s find out all about this career field.  

Is Wedding Photography Stressful?

In short, yes, just like any other customer-oriented job can be. Some weddings can go real smooth and easy, while others can be tough to handle and cause much anxiety. However, this issue gradually subsides as one gains more and more experience in the field. Handling stress with stride is what it takes to become a successful wedding photographer.

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Here are some crucial pointers to keep in mind –

  • It is vital to have a personality plus since a lot of brides and their mothers can be challenging to deal with. Learning to create a balance between what the clients want and what the photographer thinks is what is needed.
  • Pressure tides will rise from time to time, and one needs to be extra responsible under them since the big day demands capturing each and every moment perfectly. 
  • A wedding photographer can hardly escape working long hours since there’s always so much to handle – from emails, phone calls, social media updates, meetings, and the main shoot.
  • One needs to deal with the feast or famine complex since the wedding season does not run all around the year. It is essential to anticipate the slow months and make most of the income during the busy season.
  • A wedding photographer’s job, though highly rewarding, may require giving up of summer vacations, one’s personal family events, birthday parties, and more.
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So, unless an aspirant is willing to consider all the above-mentioned points, they must pause and reflect on their choices. Despite it all, none can deny that working as a wedding photographer is a joy, unlike any other.

How much money can one make as a wedding photographer?

The foremost attraction of becoming a wedding photographer is certainly that of having the privilege of documenting the most important day of somebody’s life. The man behind the camera gets to notice all the little reactions – the laughter, the tears, the nervousness, and most importantly, the love that makes two souls unite. 

However, even from the economic aspect, being a wedding photographer is a lucrative career choice. Though this largely depends upon the skill level, market, and other factors, on an average, a wedding photographer just starting out can expect Rs. 4,00,000 annually. Gradually, as one’s name and experience stretch far and wide, they can raise the price bar.  

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Wedding Photography Career Paths 

Despite being such a niche career option, wedding photographer course opens door for more career options. Aspirants can take different routes depending upon their level of interest. Other career options for wedding photographers could include –

  • Photojournalist
  • Portrait photographer 
  • Commercial photographer 
  • Landscape or nature photographer 
  • Lifestyle photographer 
  • Fine art photographer 
  • Scientific photographer
  • Photography blogger or vlogger
  • Educator 

For exceptional and comprehensive wedding photography learning models, world-class institutions like the Pearl Academy are an ideal stop. Aspirants will learn all the ins-and-outs of the different styles of wedding photography – the framing, image-making tools, lighting, form, among others – to become successful in this industry.

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