Why is it the Best Time to go for an Offshore Production Center


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With the escalating remote jobs and the gig economy, for a business to go for an offshore development center now more than ever makes a lot of sense. What exactly is an offshore development center? ODC in short, it’s an integrated, extended, and dedicated offshore team that supports an organization located in a different country. 

It is specifically a subsidiary or branch of the company that exists in another country. The offshore development center is a popular business model for various organizations, which include startups and enterprise firms. The model has been used for different business services and processes, like software development services, maintenance solutions, testing, project management, and customer or technical support. 

Moreover, the ODC model has been used by IT companies for software outsourcing. The client demands for products that could be deployed considerably faster, and the in-house resource limitations, which include the time of development, cost, infrastructure, and specialized skills availability are the key reasons for organizations to have an offshore production center. As the client, the IT firm would partner with an offshore vendor to establish an offshore team in the provider’s country. 

Is now the Best Time to go for an Offshore Production Center?

A Statist report shows that the US outsourcing market this year stands at $132.9 billion and will grow by 1.6 percent still in this year alone. Again, the OCD is used widely by organizations big and small, with different deadlines and budgets for software solutions, tech support, testing, project management, quality analysis, design, and so on. 

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Is it the best time for you to set up an ODC? For every organization, work varies. Nevertheless, when it comes to software development, most struggle under certain scenarios, which could be deemed as the trigger to adopt an offshore development model. 

Some of the Instances Include the Following:

1. If you have a Limited Software Development Project. 

An offshore development center is an effective model for cutting down the cost of development dramatically. Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to engage with offshore vendors based on the requirements of your project, as well as suitable hiring models. In all, you could create your software at a competitive rate and could scale your team up or down when needed. 

2. If you’re Looking for an Expert or a Specific Developer 

Are you thinking of developing a specific product or software? Do you not have enough resources to build it in-house? Then, it’s time to hire developers from an outsourcing vendor. 

Moreover, an offshore software development company with experience in creating similar products before would have the right capability and resources to deliver quality services, within the given budget and time-frame. 

3. Worldwide Exposure

Wherever the location of your business operations may be, you could opt to create your team anywhere all over the world. It will not only provide you global exposure, but it also empowers you to work with professionals with experience working with your target market. Most of all, it lets startups and small and medium businesses expand their operations and teams in the global marketplace. 

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Look for a Dedicated Development Center to Partner With

Setting up an ODC is not only collaborating with an organization. It is, as a matter of fact sharing responsibilities with a vendor that genuinely wants to help with your business growth. Moreover, the significance to partner with an offshore vendor is to minimize operational expenses while boosting efficiency. 

Thus, before you hire a dedicated team, there are several factors to take into account. 

  • Set up a defined budget. Before looking for an offshore partner, consider the skill set required, the scope of the project, timeline, number or resources, and the budget. If you’re not certain how much it would cost, check out an outsourcing cost calculator to have an idea. 
  • Choosing the right location. Location is everything. Before deciding, consider which city, state, country could provide you efficient developers who are updated on the latest technology trends, and could deliver high-quality results at competitive rates. 
  • Define rules and regulations. Before signing a contract, making a list of your regulations, rules, policies, and guidelines is paramount. This is important so you won’t be stressed regarding the working conditions of your offshore team. 
  • Hire the right offshore development team. To be able to hire the right resources, you should tally all the experience and skills of your dedicated team in accordance with your requirements. 
  • Mention your goals clearly. Define your goals, metrics, and KPIs to meet your budget and expectations. Explain what you want to accomplish and the reason why to give them a clear direction. 
  • Continuous communication. The in-house team should be able to establish a continuous communication channel with your outsourcing partner. Most of all, choose a team that could regularly communicate and helps you monitor the project development. 
  • Security. Always keep in mind to look for a reliable offshore service provider, which could keep the information of your company confidential and safe. 
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When it comes to countries to consider establishing your offshore production center, India is among the best. At a competitive rate, offshore service providers in the country could deliver some of the most leading and powerful IT products in the industry. A huge country with a massive young population, India has the best software engineers all over the world. 

A lot of factors make the country ideal for setting up an ODC for your brand. Thus, the capability of developing top-notch products by writing good code makes them exceptional in the field. Moreover, the Indian government policies ensure the utmost protection for your organization. 


When you partner with an offshore production center, you will be able to boost your business output and slash infrastructural expenses big time. While there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach in setting up an offshore production center, you could make a well-informed choice with the help of experts. 

Having an offshore development center again has so many benefits for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Always make an informed decision to establish one of the biggest values of having an offshore partner.

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