Why Is It So Hard to Make a Logo?


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When we peek at logo design, we always find it simple in shape and text at first sight, such as, Apple logo. But when it comes to us picking up a tool and designing a logo, it will turn problematic immediately. Although we can finish drawing a logo, it barely goes through beauty or design principles.

But why? What happens to us?

The problem is not on us, because logo design is a severe art design. It’s not as simple as the logo looks. Some logo design even uses mathematics in the design. And our question comes: “How can we design an art logo, with no previous design experience?”

That’s indeed complex and time-consuming to build up a logo from zero with AI. However, why shall we begin logo design with AI, as a designer? Our suggestion is to use some semi-automatic software or app, and designing a logo can be a lot easier!

DesignEvo logo maker is the tool that makes logo creation as easy as pie. Among over 10,000 designer-made logo templates, you are free from troubles of conceiving logo ideas and complex navigations.

Search Ideas for Your Logo Design

When opening designevo.com in your browser, you are entitled to search for any ideas with any keywords. When your keywords meet DesignEvo’s tags, the related logo templates will be shown for your options. There are over 10,000 logo templates, which are categorized by industries, colors, and limited descriptions.

With a few tries, you can easily find the logo you like. You can either save it in your favorite logo templates for a later choice, or click a template and edit it to your logo right away.

On the left functional bar, it lists several options of commonly-used categories. They are shortcuts to those logo designs. 

Unlimited Editing

When you’ve clicked and entered logo design interface, you have full capability to edit a logo. You can make small changes, i.e., changing logo text fonts, curving a text, or modifying a font family. Or, you can change the whole design, like replacing all colors, deleting a logo shape, and using a new one.

Edit your logo

There are fast shortcuts to rotate logo elements, and effects are reserved in the icon of a magic pen tool. 

Preview and Free Download

When you’ve finished your logo design, it’s important to preview and download your logo. For the majority of logo makers, they only offer download of watermark-ironed logo. Unlike those tools, DesignEvo allows its users to download 100%-free logo images (watermark-free) within a size of 500×500. 

And, its preview has 6 scenarios. When you are not 100% satisfied, you can go back to edit your logo. The preview feature ensures “What you see is what you get”, and you don’t have to download a logo for the check.

Once you’ve downloaded a logo, you’ll own the logo project forever. Whenever you want to modify it for logo update, you can just log in to your account (The account is free to use, with no subscription fees!), and your previous projects are all listed here.

Download your logo for free

Last Words

DesignEvo is a cool, free logo maker, making logo creation available for everybody. It shortens the gap between professional designers and normal users. We value its efficiency and output quality, and DesignEvo SaaS service makes logo design quite convenient! 

If you see something like DesignEvo, don’t hesitate to reach us for a review.

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