Which Type Of Hair Extensions Is Best For You?


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Are you in search of the best hair extensions for your hair? Fortunately, you are at the right destination. Beauty salons are full of different type of hair extensions, making it difficult for the girls to choose the best hair extension for themselves. But if you are also confused that which type of hair extension to go for, then stay here. And read out this super guide to figure out the best hair extension for your hair.

Here we will discuss the different types of hair extensions that are available in the market. Let’s have a look at the 5 amazing hair extensions before wasting any time.

  • Sew –In Hair Extensions

Tired of your thin hair? Try this best hair extension for giving volume to your hair. Sew-in hair extension is the best type of extension for thin hairs. Its application is a long process as it takes approximately 4 to 5 hours for applying it in hair. Moreover, you will need a hairdresser who is professional in his work due to its technical applications. You cannot apply it in your hair yourself.

While using sew in hair extensions make sure to wash it with deep conditioning once a week. In this way, you can save your extension from the damage and can use it for long period. Another thing you need to keep in your mind while applying to sew in hair extensions is that use this hair extension for 4 to 6 months otherwise, it will affect the growth of your natural hairs.

  • Fusion and Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extension is the best hair extension for those who are looking to give original look to their hair while using hair extensions. This hair extension uses glue for its application and you need an experienced hairdresser

However, this hair extension is not good for every user, because its application can damage your original hairs. So be careful while using fusion or pre-bonded hair extension.

  • Microlink Hair Extensions

It is also known as a micro bead hair extension. Apply for this hair extension by separating your hairs into a small section with a small silicon-lined bead.

For this, you can use a special tool to save bead to hold tour extension with your original hairs. You don’t need any glue or glue gun for its application, but it doesn’t mean that you can apply this yourself. No! Take assistance of a hairdresser, otherwise, your extension can damage in your hairs and you can lose your original hair growth, because, beads are tightened, and they produce pressure at the root of your original hairs.

  • Clip-in Hair Extension

Another name of clip-in hair extension is clip-in weft. It is attached at the base of fabric. When you apply it in your hair, you need clips which are attached to it. These clips can easily open and close.

The most impressive advantage of this extension is that whenever you want, you can apply it or quickly remove it from your original hairs. The whole process will take only 10 to 15 minutes. Great!

Moreover, clip-in hair extension does not damage your original hair because there is not any involvement of chemicals, heat, and other harmful methods. That is why; it is the most popular extension among women nowadays. Furthermore, this extension needs low maintenance. Not only this. You can curl, straighten and whatever style you want, this hair extension is a perfect choice.

  • Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extension is also a good product that impresses and gives new look to its users. However, you cannot apply it yourself, you need a professional hair stylist. Hairdresser uses a heated tool to apply tape in extensions. You have to heat up your hair roots with glue or tape. The whole process takes 1 hour.

The applications are not very simple for this extension because when you wash them and use shampoo and conditioner, you will have to be careful because tape can lose or slip from your original hairs. That’s is why, hairdresser suggests to use special shampoo and conditioners, which are free from oil so that hair extension does not slide off from your original hairs.   

Overall thoughts:

Choosing the right hair extension is quite tricky. But after going through the above types of hair extensions you can choose the best one according to your need. Truth is these extensions are great and give a perfect look to your hair. I am also using the cold fusion hair extensions and frankly speaking it has made my life easy and glamorous. If you need more assistance check out the cold fusion hair extensions and grab the right extension for your hair.



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