Which is the most Affordable Wood for Your Office Furniture?


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Furniture is the key requirement of all residential as well as official indoor and outdoor activities. A lot of things made from wood are used as furniture, decoration, and flooring in modern offices. Based on the robustness, durability, finish, and resistance to water, there are different types of wood products used to make furniture. To equip your office with the right furniture, choose durable, stylish, and affordable furniture. This guide will help you to differentiate between different furniture types, their manufacturing, and specifications. Let us discuss their comparative studies in brief.

Sunmica Laminate

 Before buying the sunmica laminates in Mohali, first of all, understand its characteristics and importance in the modern office environment. One of the most popular brands if laminates in India is sunmica. It is a hard, decorative laminate sheet of which thickness ranges between 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm. The laminate is a perfect blend of heavy-duty paper with melamine resin. Sunmica laminates are generally used to overlay the wood furniture as cover tops.

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Pros of laminate products

  1. Due to their flame-retardant and anti-bacterial properties, laminates are always good for high traffic areas like waiting rooms.
  2. Rather than solid wood furniture, laminate furniture is more durable and highly resistant against stain and scratch-resistant which is good for a demanding work environment.
  3. Sunmica laminate furniture is very affordable and easy to clean. You just need a damp and a microfiber cloth to wipe it out.

Cons of laminate products

  1. Laminates are replicated wood grade, therefore not as beautiful as actual wood products.
  2. You cannot sand or stained them.

Wood Veneer

Veneer furniture is a very old form of office furniture and upscale decorative pieces. Wood veneer is constructed by gluing 3 mm wood sheets with adhesive. These thin slices of natural wood are a cheap alternative to those solid wood furniture. Veneers are made of wood and have wood grains and designs in their appearance. Always choose one of the best Wood veneer suppliers to buy quality veneers.

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Pros of Veneer

  1. By peeling off or removing the upper surface of the veneer furniture, you can refinish it. You can polish or paint to your veneer products to enhance their look.
  2. Veneer furniture comes with the look and feel of natural wood coz it contains natural wood grains.
  3. By matching grains a craftsman can build the entire surface of the furniture with the same tree.
  4. Veneer furniture is highly resistant to wood wrapping and their maintenance and care are very easy. Regular dusting is enough to maintain the shine of your furniture.

Cons of Veneer

  1. Veneer furniture is not as robust as solid wood. Hence as compared with the solid wood furniture, veneer furniture has less operational life.
  2. More peeling during refinishing of veneer furniture reduces its thickness and hence the strength and durability of the product.
  3. Veneer furniture is susceptible to water damages. Water leaves visible marks on the veneer surface. The gap between the veneer sheet and the core material allows the moisture to seep inside the veneer and loosen its bond with the base.
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Though solid wood is the most durable, still when it comes to finish and affordability, wood veneer and sunmica laminates are the best choices for office furniture. Solid wood is hard to maintain and non-resistant to wrapping. It is costlier than veneer and laminates. There is no match of solid wood with other woods regarding natural look, sturdiness, and durability. In the same way, laminates come with a perfect finish. Wood veneer contains many similar qualities like solid wood at very affordable prices. Hence choose the correct wood for your office furniture by considering your requirements and budget.

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