Which is the best online trading platform?


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In this technology age, the share market has improved a lot and hence any trader can easily trade in his account from any corner of the world. However, it is necessary for the broker to check various platforms before going for any of them. Primarily there are two platforms available which are known as offline and online. As per his requirement the broker needs to choose the best platform. For those who deal in large number and regularly it is required to choose the best online trading platform which can allow him quick access and fast process.

Which platform is better?

Many times the traders feel a dilemma whether he should go for offline trading platform or an online one. To have a better decision one needs to check a few things and decide accordingly.

  • Offline platform: Those who want to go for one or two trades a day can go for the offline trading where they can call the operator and instruct him for specific trade. They can also ask him to set limit or check account position and request for withdrawal. In case a client is not available on system or traveling or not familiar about the function of software this can be the best option as the operator can quickly help him. However, one who wants immediate change of position or deal in bulk this option may not prove that much effective.
  • Online trading: In online trading the client can trade with the help of software or application. However, for this he needs to know how to use a computer, and operate the software. He also needs to have a computer, or a smartphone with active connection of the internet. With the help of this platform the client can trade as per own wish. He can set limit, change position, buy and sell shares, know his account balance and even send request for withdrawal of amount. Hence for the bulk traders online trading can be more useful. However, if one is in an area where internet connectivity is poor, he may not be able to trade as required and in such situation the offline trading can be a better option.
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Other benefits of online platform:

The rate of brokerage is another important factor that affects the traders. With the help of the online trading one can go for the low brokerage rate as there are companies which encourage online trading and for the same they offer low brokerage rate.

In this type of trading the broker or company has to bear limited cost and hence whatever the brokerage they earn is additional only. Looking at this benefit, they prefer the clients who have infrastructure and knowledge for the online trading. This can also help the clients in many ways. He can know his account and monitor the market as per his requirements. He does not need to depend on any bolt operator and can carry out trades as and when he wishes.

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