Things to Do When you Forget your Anniversary


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The anniversaries are just important as much as the weddings as the milestones are being marked. When we are talking about the anniversaries, we need to make sure that you set an alarm right now about the anniversary date before you even forget it. The best part about the celebration is that it brings you closer and before we began talking about it, if you are far and cannot reach your place to wish your significant other about the anniversary then you can always get midnight cake delivery in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and various other places that are there.

When you Forget your Anniversary

I know that you forgot the anniversary and let us tell you that forgetting is human but your significant other may not think so. It is hurtful if you forgot the special day that was meant to be celebrated in style and while dancing. Although you need to make up for the forgetting so we thought maybe we could help you with that. 

We have picked some ideas for you through which you can always ask for the forgiveness from your significant other. If you wish to add to something then it is always perfect. A little personalization is always necessary. 

Here are a few ways for you to ask forgiveness from them:

Make the Anniversary Last Longer

Since you forget your anniversary then you can always make it last longer by making it an anniversary month. The anniversary month can include various surprises for them. It does not have to be something extravagant but you can always plan small trips on your two or four-wheeler to the ice cream parlour or can get them something that they like to eat. I’m sure they will enjoy this. 


Apologies are necessary in the relationship because they help you in growing up. I’m sure you must be feeling guilty right now but you can just change the whole look of the house by decorating it with flowers and candles, maybe you can also run a bath for them. It is just perfect, right? 

Now, just imagine when they just come back from the office and found the house like that. They will surely be amazed, this also way of relaxing them. You can also use anniversary flowers & order cake online in Delhi at the entrance and present them a bouquet of that. 

Get It Inked 

We know that it is a bit overboard but you need to remember that date for the rest of your life and you forget it now has cost you. Tattoos are a great way of expressing and so has been proved by many people. A tattoo there is surely going to remind them of how much you love them as that ink is going to stay forever on that body of yours reminding of the love you have and the person you choose, after all that is also associated with a date and we are sure that your significant other will forgive you. 

A Gift : The Story of Getting Overboard

Once there was a man/woman who forgot the anniversary of his/her significant other. He had to make up for it so he decided to go overboard with the gifts and the Signiant other just melted on the spot and forgave him/her. Never heard of that story? 

Well if you forget your anniversary this is going to be your story. Forgetting anniversary has always been considered rude and you should never forget that. Just set your alarm for the second time. 

You need to go overboard with the gifts, gift them their favourite concert tickets if they love sports then take them out for sporting events. Who knows with this they might forgive you?

Jewellery and Other Things

These rubies, diamonds and the gold will never match the worth of the one you love but they can surely make them happy, so you can always opt for the jewellery and gift them those blings or another thing that you can do is take them to the beauty salon and just get them a makeover. 

If they still are stressed then pamper them with the spa treatment, this will surely put a smile on their faces and they are bound to return home lightly and it is a yes that they will forgive you. 

Before going through all this just keep a reminder for the next anniversary and don’t repeat the same mistake as by now you know that it is bound to cost you in some way. 

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