What You Need to Know About Land Surveying in Melbourne


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In some cases, you may find that the existing fence lines are in a different position from where the boundary line lies, necessitating a land survey. Land surveyors determine the exact location of property boundaries. A contour survey plan is necessary if any proposed works are near the boundary line or if there’s any conflict when it comes to the boundary line. Also, adjoining property buildings that require town planning applications must also be surveyed to ensure habitable windows, eaves, doors, roof ridgelines and more. Land surveying is also helpful for identifying areas close to waterways, determining flatter parts of the land, and analysing sewer and drainage infrastructure. The information can help to determine the feasibility ofan upcoming construction.Continue reading to learn more about land surveying, including how the information from land surveyors in Melbourne can be used.

Uses of Land Survey Information

  • With specialised equipment, surveyors can accurately measure an area and define its boundaries. Once they survey a property, they then develop structural drawings for their clients. If necessary, the plans can be used to formally register with the state’s land information system for a subdivision plan with the Melbourne land use department. Survey information includes ownership information, survey plans, and field records for both privately owned and government boundaries.
  • Land surveyors work on various types of projects, from planning and design of upcoming projects through to monitoring and measuring environmental works. Examples of these works include the construction of infrastructures like buildings, roads, farms and bridges. Land surveyors in Melbourne use their expertise to determine the land size and measurements of an area, as well as its topographical height. They use their data and figures to guide construction work as well as give advice to developers, architects, geologists, town planners and engineers.
  • Surveyors collaborate with other service authorities and all levels of government, such as power, water and sewer departments. Architects and engineers use this information to ensure constructed buildings are safe for habitation and also fit with the surrounding landscape. A surveyor’s work forms the foundation upon which plans are used to ensure the proper implementation of all the functions. You can also visit for resource consent.

Surveys for Renovators and Developers

To comply with building guidelines, it’s important to understand the dimensions and topography of any project site. Proper understanding is vital to ensure what you plan to achieve is met. For instance, if you’re planning to build additional dwellings or construct new rooms, you need to ensure that everything will fit on the proposed site. Structural renovation or project development must also adhere to all town planning codes. For example, the laws will state the applicable distance from the property wall to the boundary line. In cases where you want to subdivide, change land use, develop or renovate, a planning permit is a must. Government laws mandate that before you register, the proposed project must be evaluated against the permitted land zoning and usage, overlays, and other municipal planning documents. For this, a professional survey conducted by land surveyors in Melbourne is mandatory.

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