What you Need to Know About Courier to USA from India?


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Are you willing to send a courier to USA from India and look at an article that deals with the charges, agency selection and time taken? If yes then this article is for you. Here we will be discussing everything related to courier to USA from India. So, make sure you go through each and every line mentioned here about the international courier service specially to USA from India.

How to select the agency

There are several agencies that provide international courier services but you need to select the one very carefully. So the things that you must consider are:

1.Reliablility & Affordable Rates.

2.Top Brand Couriers.

3.FREE Pickup & Packing.

4.Standard Insurance.

5.Online Tracking option.

6.Door to Door Delivery.

7.Best Customer Support.

8.Multiple Payment Options.

Make sure that you have observed all the above-mentioned qualities in the agency that you have selected to send your courier. Also do not forget the documentation guidelines of the agency.

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Standard rates for courier to USA from India

The standard charges that are applied for Courier will vary on the basis of the weight of the Courier. If the weight of your courier lies from 0.5 kg – 5kg, you need to pay INR 2,306 to INR 4.911. If the weight lies between 6 kg to 10 kg the price range will be INR 5,292 to INR7,262. If your courier weights 11 kg to 15 kg then you need to pay INR 7,958 – INR 10,943. If your courier weights between 16kg to 8 kg then you need to pay between INR 11,689 to INR 14,672. If your courier will weigh more than you need to pay more for the same. The price majorly varies on the basis of weight and also on the basis of the service that you opt. If you want your courier to get delivered earlier, you need to pay more for it.

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You need to also remember that the prices mentioned above also include IGST, fuel charges, charge for standard insurance along with the delivery charge for door to door delivery. Any duties, taxes or customs charges if applied in USA will be added to the standard charge. 

Cheapest Courier Service to USA from India

Many of the international courier service providing companies offer you big discounts on the standard prices. Many of these agencies will also provide you free delivery and collecting service. You should also consider one of the important facts and that is the agency you are selecting has its presence in wide states or areas of USA or not. There are many other ways of getting cheapest service along with quality.

You should also go through all the government guidelines since many times the government refunds some amount of the price you pay only if you have maintained the proper copy of the slip you received from the agency.

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Time taken to deliver Courier to USA from India

The normal estimated transit time for a Courier is 4 to 6 days till shipment delivery from Mumbai and further 6 to 8 days to deliver outside Mumbai.

This estimated time is totally based on the deliveries between major gateway cities and also varies from service to service. The time may also vary because of the different reasons such as high success rate, local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions and many more. In the case if you are delivering to a remote area, it may take much longer time. 

Thus, these are the several things that must be considered before you select any services for international courier supply. Also, we have mentioned some of the very important factors that might help you to get the cheapest service.

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