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The e-way bill is a compliance mechanism introduced under the GST regime in 2018. It is essentially a bill that documents the details of a consignment and prevents tax evasion. The electronically generated waybill or e-way bill can be generated from the government portal; however, the process is far from seamless and efficient. This is why there is a number of e-way bill software that comes in handy. Options breed confusion – since the e-way bill is a new addition to a business man’s life it often gets difficult for him to keep track of things. It is important to choose the top e-way bill software for ensuring the seamless movement of goods. Here is a list of features that you should look for in suitable e-way bill software.

  1. Data accuracy and security

The details on your e-way bill have to be authentic and it is quite confidential – an end to end security of the data is very important. A good e-way bill software should have a multifactor authentication system before any details or modifications are accepted. A small mistake in the data on the bill can wreak absolute havoc on the transaction. An intelligent application would have a number of validity checks to produce correct data.

  1. Convenience and efficiency
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One of the main concerns regarding the e-way bill is the sheer pressure on the government portal which has failed multiple times in the past. Also on the government portal, you have to log in each time you want an e-way bill. On the software, you can get your work done within minutes without having to log in every time. Moreover, if you use ERP software like SAP, you can generate the e-way bill from within SAP or whatever it is that you use.

  1. Tracking the consignment

In a recent mandate by the government, the distance covered by the transport vehicle has been included in the e-way bill. The top e-way bill software already has the provision to auto calculate the distance between the shipper and the receiver from postal pin code of the places. There is a 10% relaxation in the distance from what is noted in the e-way bill.

  1. Keeping track of errors
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As a generation of people who are increasingly influenced by and dependent on technology, we can really use some help when it comes to do things accurately. An e-way bill software should be able to learn from your mistakes. That is, it should be able to avert those mistakes at a later stage. With the help of machine learning, this does not seem to be a very tough nut.

An integrated system that can let you take care of the ERP, as well as the e-way bills, is what you should be looking for. It should be secure, intelligent and efficient.

An e-way bill software can help you navigate the whole process of E-way bill generation, modification, and cancellation from a single platform. Most importantly the app should be user-friendly. It should save you time and effort not take more of it.

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