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We all love fresh flowers around us throughout the day. So keeping fresh flowers is very easy because after all the hard work of cultivating them and taking care of them is finally done you have got the fresh cut flowers. Now all you have to do is cut them properly and place them in a beautiful vase in your house, giving flowers to your neighbor’s colleagues or anybody in your near and dear ones, we all know what shop offers us chocolate cake flower delivery gift shops in Bangalore. What do you even know what exactly is supposed to do with the fresh flowers that you might have bought online or you have a garden of your own and you are cutting them fresh and placing them in the vase. But this isn’t quite the deal in reality. 

There are several mistakes that we make whether knowingly or unknowingly fresh flowers delivery in Mumbai that lead to degeneration before then they should be. Ideally, fresh flowers would last for at least one week if you follow the measures that I am telling you or the mistakes to avoid with your fresh flowers below – 

1) Not Changing the Water 

Well, even a layman is aware of changing the water of fresh-cut plants because we know if we leave them around without any assistance then they’ll be withered. So you must remember the fact that if you are placing fresh cut flowers in a vase you have watched it properly and fill it with fresh water. Try to fill it with fresh water every second day and thrice a week. After that you must maintain a compost in which you can throw away the flowers. This will help you keep up with the daily waste, this follows for the online bouquet delivery or a bouquet gift too. 

2) Flower Food 

Well I know, this term might be new to some of you. But actually, to keep your flowers fresh you need to give the flower food. Now basically flower food is a mixture of some sugar, bleach, and citric acid. the best part is that if you cannot go anywhere else to buy this flower food on it is not available in your nearby market so you can use some lime juice sugar and bleach makes them carefully with the water this will keep bacteria’s and other insects away from the flowers because the sugar in attracts bacteria and on the other hand either nitric acid or lemon juice will kill it. So when next time you think of preserving your anniversary flowers make sure that you have the solution for some market best flower food come in handy. And every time you change the water of the vase you’ll have to change the flower food. Quite often the company you order from will have flower food sent with the flowers. But if you know that they don’t and you want your flowers to last long, you must add one with flowers. 

3) Cleaned Vase 

We all love living in clean houses and we want everything neat and clean all the time and we are also aware of the fact that flowers do have feelings just like us. So next time when you plan on storing fresh cut flowers in your house or just keeping them in any corner of the house you have to make sure that you keep it in a clean vase just because of plants are growing in soil, that doesn’t mean that they are also used to living in the dirt all the time. So all you have to do is rinse the vase with some warm water and soap. But rinse it thoroughly because you don’t want your fresh flowers to smell soapy all the time. Even when you order a birthday flower delivery & return gift ideas for birthday, make sure to ask them to have a cleaner vase. 

4) Moderate Temperature 

When keeping fresh cut flowers in your house you have to make sure which room and what corner of it you choose to keep the flowers. You might have felt that many times that certain corners in your house are very cold than the rest of the room so you have to make sure that your plant of flowers is kept near the window sill where they can have fresh air and partial sunlight. Because if you will keep them in hot to cold atmospheres then they wouldn’t even last few hours. This is something that florists keep in mind all year long and especially when making a Valentine Day Flower Delivery and they instruct you the same. 

5) Cleaner Stems 

You must remember that as your body and you love having clean feet and if there is even a little dust particle that irritates you so you have to make sure that the stems of the flowers are cleaner and their cut at an angle of 45°. Usually, when a company makes an online bouquet delivery they cut the flowers at 45°, but if you are at home you’ll have to do this with every flower you cut in your house. This keeps flowers fresh for a longer period and healthy too. 

6) No Fallen Leaves 

And of the important thing about your fresh cut flowers is that if there shutting leaves then either you can remove the flower fart you can clean the falling leaves I’ll the of the water because if it remains inside the water they’ll soon be rotten and kill stems and the flowers with it. 

Even the best online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore can have these problems so you have to carefully look at all the above-mentioned points for your fresh cut flowers. 

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