What Is Yoga Nidra? How Yoga Nidra Works?


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The word Nidra means sleep in Hindi, so the yoga Nidra is about the yoga of sleep. It is defined in many ways by a lot of different yoga gurus. It is a type of yoga in which you impose a yogic sleep on yourself. This yogic sleep is what yoga gurus in the past used to do. According to many transcripts, Nidra yoga can help you sleep for 8 hours in just under thirty minutes.  Here is one of the most common definitions of yoga Nidra.  

Practice Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra – Arhanta Yoga


By definition, Yoga Nidra is not a separate form of yoga practice. It is a part of many yoga scriptures. Hence it is present in many yoga forms including vinyasa, ashtanga, and hatha yoga. Yoga Nidra is known as yogic sleep. It is a state where you are sleeping and you are awake at the same time. This is possible because of the guided sleeping process of the yoga Nidra. In this process, you command your mind and body to lose all the senses. Once that happens, you enter a deep state of consciousness, where you are sleeping but your mind is conscious.  


According to the philosophy of yoga Nidra, it helps you get a deep sleep state that allows you to complete the 8 hours sleep cycle within minutes. This is possible because Nidra yoga allows your mind to be at peace, and calm. This is what your body and your muscles need. A deep sleep state of 20 to 30 minutes is better than a low sleep or no sleeping state of 8 hours. A lot of doctors now advise their patients who are suffering from insomnia to do Nidra yoga. This helps them sleep and reduces the side effects of insomnia.  

Working Process: 

This process starts by preparing yourself for Nidra yoga. You should use a floor mat and get yourself in a calm state. After that, you should sleep upside on the floor mat. Now, you are facing the roof, while your body is in a peaceful and easy place. If you are uncomfortable, you can also use props or blankets to help you support your body as you will stay in this position for a long time.  

Once you are in the perfect spot for Nidra yoga, you will induce a guided sleep upon yourself. If you are new, you can use the help of recorded audio or a guru who can guide you through this process. At first, you will guide yourself to lose all your tensions and calm yourself. You will let your body relax.  

Steps in Nidra Yoga: 

The first step in this process is to lay down on the floor mat or a comfortable place. You can use props if you want some support but you can also do it without props as well. After that, the second step requires coming into a sleeping posture. Make sure that your hands are aligned with your body and your legs are fully spread.  

Your head is upwards and your back is uptight. Now start thinking about one of your deepest desires and focus on it. This will help you divert your attention from your physical senses towards your mental imagination. After that, your body will become completely relaxed.  

Now you can start scanning your body in a guided manner. You can use your inner voice to guide you through this scanning. This scanning process is what helps you ease your body and mind.  

After that, you should be able to reach the deepest part of your sleep and you should be able to focus on other things. Slowly divert your attention towards your breathing pattern and try to keep your focus on it as much as possible.  

Now you can start observing the “self”. This is the ending step in guided sleep or Nidra yoga. This awareness of the self is what will help you get the most benefits out of your yoga Nidra.  

Guided Sleep Benefits: 

There are countless benefits of Nidra yoga for everyone. Especially those who are suffering from multiple conditions and are unable to sleep properly. For these people, yoga Nidra will help them calm and get the proper sleep that they need. It can also help you get more relaxation from a 30-minute session than what you will get from an 8 hours session. Your body and muscles will be more relaxed and you will become self-aware. These things will improve your health


You can get all of these benefits of Nidra yoga if you know how to practice it. You can learn to practice Nidra yoga online from one of the biggest and best online yoga instructors at Arhanta Yoga Ashram. They offer online classes that mean you can learn from home.  

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