What Is IOT? Know Its Basics And Future


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IOT stands for an internet of things which means any physical device which is connected to the internet, sensors, software, electronics, or any other connected devices. Due to increasing modern technology, IOT is such a thing which is developed to assist a man in every aspect of the life. Whether it’s a kitchen task and wants to cook delicious food in the smart microwave oven, your electronic smart microwave is also an IOT device which works with the help of electromagnetic waves. The other most commonly used physical devices which can be considered as IOT enabled devices toinclude vehicles, televisions, smartphones etc.

The way you get your work done in a convenient length of time was not as flexible and easy about two decades ago. The concept of connecting the commonly used object with the sensors was invented during 1980, or 1990s.  The development of the idea did not work well enough towards progress as there was slow progress in modern technology. About two decades ago, modern technology did not play an efficient role in every aspect of man’s life as it is nowadays.  The more modern technology invented with the passage of time, the more IOT devices got invented. It works in an incredible way through the internet of things platforms which connects itself with different devices and objects with built-in sensors.

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As modern technology is heading towards progress, it seems like that IoT devices will replace the human jobs in near future. They have replaced the human jobs to some extent up till now. The major invention of the robots and flying cars has proved that technology is going to dominate the world by dominating human beings. Every technology is invented to accommodate the people and IOT is successful in fulfilling its objectives.

In this fast-growing world, everyone is making efforts to take over each other and move towards success fast to spend a peaceful life for the long period of time. In this fast-growing society, it has become essential to give value to the precious time and IOT devices play the significant role to serve the man in this matter of concern. A dead human controlled device is serving you at the best which was not possible about a decade ago. It is its best serving that most people are getting dependent on IOT and it will take over all the objects and connect them with itself.

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For instance, in this fast-growing world, it has become essential for both man and women to earn to run a house efficiently. When every member of the house gets engaged in work or the job, it has become difficult to manage the kitchen tasks for the family. People started delivering the hotel food or hiring maids for the lifetime. IOT connected microwave oven resolved this issue as it also contains the recipes of the delicious foods and also knows how to cook with the help of the internet. You just need to instruct what you want to eat and fill the microwave with the ingredients.

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