What Does Your E-Juice Flavor Say About You?


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We all like to project ourselves in the best possible light, and we all know that first impressions count. That’s why it’s important to wear clothes that make us look and feel great, and to put on our best smile whenever we meet someone. Clothes make the man and woman, to paraphrase Shakespeare, but they are not the only outward signs that tell people about us. The way we walk and talk can reveal our background and personality, and so can the way we vape. Your e-juice flavor doesn’t only provide a satisfying smoke, it can also say a lot about you, so take a look at what your favorite flavor is revealing:

Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruit flavors are often favored by e-juice lovers, such as the Hawaiian POG variety from expert manufacturers Vapordna. POG stands for Passion fruit, Orange and Guava, so what does selecting these e-juices say about you? A tropical fruit vaper lives life to the full, they’re vibrant and full of life. This is a person who arrives first at a party and is still dancing when the lights go out.

Dessert Flavors

One of the great things about high quality e-juices is they can be found in so many exciting and varied flavors. Want a dessert flavored juice? You’ve got it with the ‘milkman’ variety which combines the taste of raspberry, crackers and cream. This e-juice flavor is perfectly suited to someone who doesn’t take life too seriously, and who is determined to enjoy every hour of every day.

Peanut Butter

If there’s one flavor above all others that sums up the taste of America, it’s peanut butter – after all, it was Elvis Presley’s favorite foodstuff and we even have a National Peanut Month. Choosing this e-juice flavor marks you down as a patriot, and someone who can always be relied upon to be strong and sensible. As an added bonus, of course, this flavor is absolutely delicious.

Fruit Flavors

E-juices can be found that are inspired by most of our traditional and much-loved fruits, from oranges and lemons to apples and strawberries, as well as more exotic options such as dragon fruit. If this is your e-juice of choice, then it shows that you’re someone who likes healthy living and the natural goodness found in nature. Many people have reported that they feel much healthier after substituting tobacco smoking for vaping, so fruit flavors can also be representative of this positive change.


Cinnamon is one of the most unique and most instantly recognizable flavors on the planet, which is why it’s a perfect choice for e-juice flavors. If you like this more than any other, it shows that you are someone in touch with your roots, someone who is successful in life but who always remains grounded.

E-juices can smell as great as they taste, which is another reason why they hold all the aces when compared to tobacco smoking. The e-juice flavor you use is sure to say a lot about you, but whichever variety you opt for, it says that you’re a person who moves with the times and who makes positive lifestyle changes that can benefit themselves and loved ones.

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