What does the future of blogging entail?

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Have you ever pondered what is a blog and what is blogging all about? Do people even earn from blogs and what does it take to create one? And most importantly is there a future in blogging?

Well, speculate no more, firstly You might ask what is a blog? A blog is an online journal or informational website showing information with recent posts appearing first. Blogs range from providing commentary on any topic to online diaries to online brand advertising of some company or an individual. Normally, a blog merge text, images, and links related to its own topic.

Now, to answer the most important question you have, YES you can earn money from blogging Platform, a lot of these people listed below are already earning from blogs by using SEO tips and tricks and digital marketing tricks on their blogs to rank higher and earn more

1.Huffington Post – $14,000,000 per month
2.Engadget – $5,500,000 per month
3.Moz – $4,250,000 per month
4.TechCrunch – $2,500,000 per month
5.Mashable – $2,000,000 per month
6.CopyBlogger – $1,000,000 per month
7.Perez Hilton – $575,000 per month
8.Gizmodo – $325,000 per month
9.Smashing Magazine – $190,000 per month
10.Tuts+ – $175,000 per month

So, Do I have your attention now? Interested to know more?

You still might have questions like what is the future of blogging and what is the future of a blogger?

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There really is no answer, we can only make predictions. But one thing I have realised that people get tired of big brands blogs constantly advertising their stuff, people like to read real life experiences and reviews of people who have tried it. People enjoy the genuine remarks of a traditional blogger rather than big brands claiming their own authenticity. People enjoy reading stories, and if you are a story teller, a blog is the best platform for you online. Even if not a story teller, if you just like to review stuff you have used, people still read it as they find it helpful. An outcome achieved by blogging experts show that there were 152 million blogs online in 2013. Since then, blogs have proceeded to grow. This tells us that blogging is growing popular amongst people and everything now is going online, businesses, writers, all small to large corporates are going online, thus showing that there is a scope for blogs and website and it would just continue to grow, so if you are thinking about starting, you should do it as early as possible! All these businesses turn to bloggers for reviews on their products, which helps both businesses by bringing in customers and bloggers by providing them something to write about. Bloggers learn SEO and digital marketing tips which is growing popular to rank higher in search engines like Google, there is a big opportunity in blogging future.

How to start Blogging?

Step 1. Choose a topic you find interesting or something you would want to write on.

There are lots of topics, you can choose from politics to sports to education to just about makeup. Choose something you are comfortable with.

You can choose from topics like SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing, etc.

Step 2. Choose a blogging platform.

There are a variety of platforms you can choose from like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, etc.
WordPress is the most famous platform by far, Blogger comes right next, you can choose either of these as a starting point.

Step 3. Choosing a Hosting.

But first, you must choose which type of hosting you want. You can either choose a Third-Party Hosting (Free Hosting) or Self-Hosting.

Third party hosting is provided from a free Web Hosting site that is dedicated to blogging, like Blogger or WordPress. The site is owned by the company who gave the platform, and you get a subdomain, although you don’t have to worry about technical stuff in this hosting.

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Self-Hosted blogs are situated on the owner’s Web hosting account. The owner will oversee purchasing a domain and hosting account, composing their blog, and customize it.

I would recommend either Blogger or WordPress to someone who doesn’t have money to spend or someone who is starting an individual blog, you can transfer your blog later to a self-hosting domain, self-hosted blogs is best suited for small business owners that plans on using blogging as an effective advertisement and communication medium.

Step 3. Now Choose a URL.

If you have chosen self- hosting, you can start by choosing a domain name and hosting from any of the websites like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, BigRock etc. for buying both a domain and a hosting. Choose a domain name that defines your business or blog so that it is easy to search. After you have created the domain and hosting, all you have to do is login in admin panel and click on WordPress icon and install it so that you can start you blogging with WordPress, don’t worry you won’t get a third-party URL, you can then login in the WordPress Console by www.yoursitename.com/wp-admin.

If you have chosen Third-Party Hosting, just create an account or Sign in using your Google account if available and choose a Title and URL for your blog that best defines it like if you are writing a blog on football then you can choose Title as Football News/Reviews and URL as footballreviews.com, mind you that the blog URL would come with the third-party URL embedded in it, for example, footballreviews.blogspot.com. This happens because you are using their hosting for free thus the third-party name.

Step 4. Design Your Blog.

You should first choose a theme. To choose a new theme, you can either head to Appearance > Themes and install a free WordPress Theme or you can buy a theme from any premium theme website and then upload it on your blog/website. You can go to Themes in Settings if on a third-party hosting.

Remember to choose a theme that defines your blog but also is decent to look at, something that would attract people and not make them run away.

Step 5. Add Posts and Pages.

Go to your blog, if on you have a self-hosting, then go to WordPress admin and go to Pages to add a Page and Posts to add a Post.
First, you should always add an about page, a contact us page (you can put a contact form here if you want) and any other pages you think you would need.

Then Start writing a post, try to write it in a way so that the audience is engaged and keep reading. Don’t be dull and repetitive, try to catch their eye.

And Voila You’re done! Congratulations on creating your first post!

Step 6. Now start growing your blog by creating more posts and posting often, this will help you to grow audience and earn money from it.

Now that you know what is a blog and how to create a blog, you might still rank lower than most people, that is because of the Digital Marketing tricks they use in their posts, you can learn all about SEO, i.e., Social Engine Optimization which is to rank your website on a social engine, or SMO- Social Media Optimization that is to Rank your social media profile, or you can simply learn the digital marketing tricks to rank your blog higher so that you can get more visitors, and how to earn from those blogs? All that you can learn at our Institute that is Digital Technology Institute, the best digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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