What Child Care Employees Must Know About Criminal Background Check Canada?


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A report says criminal records even minor ones can mean life obstacles for the candidates. About 80 percent of the Canadians even with a low level of criminal record find it very difficult to land on a job, find housing or find other opportunities to succeed in life. Also, statistics reveal that about 1 in 5 people in the country have such records and this makes them face thousands of restrictions big and small. Hence no one can afford to overlook even a minor criminal record.

Federal laws have now become very strict with the candidates who are seeking to become a licensed, license-exempt, registered or regulated child care provider. If you are aspiring for one such position, you must have a comprehensive criminal record check in order that you do not risk losing the position at some point.

Who must go for a comprehensive background check?

You are designated as a childcare provider if you work for a child care center, family child care provider or any other kind of provider of child care services. This can be a faith based or school based on community based organization.

The staff connected to supervision or childcare or those who might have unsupervised access to children like bus drivers, janitors, kitchen staff and administrative employees.

The family members of the family child care home who are above 18 must also get a comprehensive background check.

Only when you care for a child or children to whom you are related, you are exempt from having a comprehensive background check. Nevertheless, in this case, it is necessary that all the children under your care are related to you.

What is included in the comprehensive background check?
The comprehensive background check includes the following.
• State criminal and sex offender registries
• State child abuse and neglect registry
• National Crime Information Center under the auspices of the FBI
• FBI fingerprint check
• National Sex Offender Registry managed by the Department of Justice

What the state and federal laws mandate for child care programs?

Federal laws expect that the child care providers submit requests for background checks for all the staff members.

Though staff can begin to work in a child care facility before the processes with regard to federal background check are completed, they must be under the constant supervision of a staff member who has already complete the background check successfully.

Laws mandate that the staff of child care facilities must complete a background check at least once in 5 years.

Benefit from criminal record check Canada services
Criminal record check and background checks are highly tricky and time consuming process. Your application must be routed through the proper channels. Incomplete or inaccurate applications can be turned down by the authorities further delaying the process. Hence it is advisable that you apply for criminal record check with the help of an accomplished and reliable Criminal Record Check Canada services so that you get the clearance as early as possible with the least spending you can hope for.

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