What Are The Benefits Of Bubble Wrap?


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Delivering delicate and fragile items needs additional care. It needs to be protected from all the sides so that there’s no pressure falling on any side. The delicate and fragile items cannot be packed in ordinary courier bags. It needs a special packing bag called the Bubble Wrap Bag. Bubble wrap bag is an evenly spaced, air-filled hemisphere to form patterned bubbles. It acts as a cushion to protect fragile items. It keeps the item tightly packed and secured in place. Following are the few benefits of bubble wrap:


The Bubble Wrap protects the delicate item from breakage, shock or vibrations. It not only protects from breakage but also from any kind of scratches, chipping, dirt and dust. It is the only safest wrap to protect your delicate items. The superior cushioning maintains longer lasting protection throughout the shipping cycle.


It is very easy to use and pocket-friendly. The only point to be kept in mind is to read the instructions carefully before packing the item.


The bubble wrap or blister pack is designed in such a way that it covers all types of shapes and sizes. The wraps are available in different sizes depending upon the shape and protection needed for the object. The size of the bubble can range from as small as 6mm to 20mm or more, for an extra level of protection.


Bubble wrap is pocket-friendly and doesn’t need any other additional packing to secure the packet. It just needs packing tape to wrap and keep the product in place. It is less expensive and can be reused many times compared to other packing materials.


The best thing about bubble wrap is it is environment-friendly and reusable. It is an alternative to plastic wrap. They are eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable.


When ordering a delicate or fragile item, the first and foremost concern is about the goods being secured and in prime condition. This can be achieved only through bubble wrap.


Securing your products and shipping budget is one of the main concern. A bigger box with an attractive packing does look attractive, but it sure occupies more space and will leave you with more shipping charges. The perfectly sized box with the right bubble wrap creates the perfect and safest option for courier.

The only concern after ordering your fragile item is about the product being safely delivered, but you can also remain relieved at the same time that your product is securely wrapped in bubble wrap. What’s more fun after receiving your product?  You can actually burst the tiny bubbles and have fun. It relieves stress and shares happiness at the same time. A fun fact about the wrap is that it not only protects your item but also relieves stress. So, next time after receiving your bubble wrap, have a little fun bursting your tiny bubbles and relive your childhood.

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