How A Web Development Company in Kansas Helps You to Minimize Downtime

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In the modern age of digitalization, people are fond of online shopping. If you do not have an online website yet to expose your business’ products and services, contact one of the best web development companies and create an appealing and active website to ensure the success of your business. There are several web development companies in Kansas, which are providing their high-end services to their customers to promote their business all over the world.

Every business wants to hold a good position in the market. In today’s time when the competition is at its highest level, every enterprise needs to make all possible efforts that can help them to beat the competition and improve their outputs. For all small businesses, it is quite essential to make a reach to its potential customers and introduce their businesses on the digital platform.

The website plays a showcase of your products and services to internet users. Almost all users want a quick response from your website as they click on its link. They can’t take any kind of delay to open a required page and move to your competitor website. It results in huge drops in sales and acts as a drawback to your business.

An unavailable website page provides your user with a bad experience and creates a huge difference to the bottom lines of your business. Down website that takes ages to load increases your chances of getting any leads or sales goodbye. This is not applicable to new users only. Sometimes more loyal customers can also prefer your competitors due to the more downtime of your website. Hence choose the best web development company in the USA that will help you to reduce the downtime of your website and provide your valuable customers with a great experience of internet surfing.

Downtime can hurt you in different ways like lose credibility of your brand, low Crawl Rate, and Search rankings, and low profits, etc. Your website can go down or crash due to lots of factors. The most common among them are Low-Quality Web Hosting, traffic overload, Hacking attempt or Maleware, and Plugin or theme related problems.

3 Ways to Minimize Your Website Downtime

Always choose a logical approach to deal with your website downtime. Manage the things in a way that everyone can be aware of the current condition of your site in brief.

  • Set up A Downtime Page

Rather than showing a blank page, set up a downtime page as soon as you have been planning for downtime. It will assure your users that you’ll be back soon. You can set up a “website maintenance” or “ service unavailable” page with a hint in a few words. It helps you to restore your credibility and introduces the visitors to your current situation.

  • Choose A Reliable Webhost

It is highly recommended to choose high-quality web hostings. Low-quality web hosting services have a lack of full-time webmaster to deal with technical issues. Whereas a good host provides you the full-time technical support to identify the problems more quickly and solve them on the spot. Also, they will deal with all types of server related issues.

  • Inform the Search Engines that The Website downtime is Temporary

Use the HTTP status code: 503 Service Unavailable to tell the server robots that the service is temporarily unavailable. The developer should create a file with name 503.php, then write a few lines of the HTTP status code and save it to the root of the server. There are different codes regarding the status of your website like 404 Not Found to tell visitors that the server is unable to find anything matching the request location and so on.

To prevent your business or brand from unwanted losses, implement all the possible ways to minimize the downtime of your website. By keeping some simple tricks you can save your leads and customers for further sales and profits. It doesn’t matter whatever business you are doing, the downtime of a few hours can lead your business to the great losses. So, don’t ignore the facts and focus on speeding up your website’s speed and loading times.

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