14 Ways to Make Money With Your Car


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Your car is much more than a vehicle. Yes, it can be an effective income generation tool apart from being just your transportation handler. You can actually make money through your car. Don’t believe us? So,  take a look at these 14 ways to make your car into a money generating machine. 

1. Renting Out Your Car 

We live in a time where everyone lives a luxurious life. Everyone today has a car that they might or might not drive on a daily basis. So, if you are someone, who owns a car but only drives on weekends or if you are heading off on a long trip with your family or for some other you don’t need your car for some time?

Well, if anyone of the above scenarios applies to you then you can take advantage of it. You might not be aware of it but your car can earn for you while you are not using it. Just rent it out. Renting out has become a lot easier with all the online platforms, which allows you to rent out your car for a specific time while you are not using it. These businesses do have their terms of service, rules, and regulations, so make sure to check out where you will get the best deal. Although if you are looking to start your online business like this one then we would recommend you check out Car Rental PHP Scripts available on any open-source platform or hire professional PHP developers that can provide you with a car rental PHP script for your business. 

We would also recommend you to make sure that your car holds some value in the market and you must also have insurance while renting out the car. 

2. Renting Out Your Garage Or Parking Space 

Now let’s just say you use your car on a daily basis or you are taking it for a long ride across the state and your renting space or garage is completely free, then you can rent out your this space for a good chunk of money. Well, it might not be possible for every local location, but for people who live near some important landmarks such as a monument, Airport, Stadium can actually do it as these specific areas tend to be extremely congested and lack parking space. 

So renting your garage or parking space not just makes sense but can also earn you a lot of money without actually you have to do anything. It’s an easy way of earning passive income on a daily or weekly basis, based on your requirements and needs. 

Well, if you are up for this then you can check out many online websites that allow you to freely rent your parking space without breaking a sweat. But there are few things you must keep in mind, first, you cannot rent a public space, it needs to be a private space. Apart from this, you should double-check the person ID for future reference, and if they do not provide an appropriate ID card then you might want to refrain from lending your space to such shady people. 

3. Advertising On Your Cars 

This is quite popular among many car services or taxi drives who want to earn extra cash. However, for others, it might not be such a good idea as not everyone wants a banner across their car advertising some random brand. However, this can be a temporary solution to earn some extra cash on the side. 

There are many online and offline businesses that you might want to check out for car advertisements. Some of these businesses even allow you to choose the brand you want to advertise. So, you can refuse an advertisement you don’t want people to see in your car. 

Well as good as these terms may seem, there are some rules and regulations that you would have to follow when you become an advertiser. For example, things like passive speeding, reckless driving, or breaking traffic rules in any form aren’t allowed as they create a negative image for the brand as well. So, you better behave according to the company’s policies if you want some cash in your pocket. But you don’t have to worry as there won’t be any unnecessary restrictions on you. 

4. Casual Courier 

If you are using your car on a daily basis then you can simply become a casual courier. This is perfect for people who ride the same lane daily for work or for any other purpose. This is the perfect way of earning easy money without actually having to go out of your way. 

5. Ride Sharing 

There are a number of ways you can earn money, but sharing rides with people who need to reach the same destination is not just a good idea which is readily being advertised as an eco-friendly choice. Even the big transportation services provide like Uber, Ola now provides ride-sharing options. It’s a great way of earning money or saving money and contributing to the green planet cause. 

6. Airport Shuttle Service 

If you own a large vehicle then you could help people get to the airport in time safely. It’s a great way of supporting primary transportation where government service fails. 

7. Medical Transport 

If you have a passion for driving fast and reaching the destination at the correct moments, then you can use your car as medical transport, given that you have a vehicle of appropriate size. 

8. Mobile Detailing Service 

With the right care and little pieces of equipment, you can provide your customers with washing and detailing service on the go. 

9. Mobile Mechanic Service 

We have all seen movies where cars seem to broke down at the wrong place and strange things start to happen. Well, you can actually help these people with a mobile mechanic service. 

10. Errand Service 

As an errand operator, you can provide simple yet necessary service for your clients such as delivering and picking up groceries, dry cleaning, and other daily stuff for your customers. There are many businesses out there that have a vast network of people providing these businesses. 

You can either join them or start your own business. 

11. Mobile Animal Grooming Service 

If you love animals you can actually transform your vehicle into a mobile grooming station and go to your customer’s house and provide them with the best service you have to offer. 

12. Animal Rescue Services 

We hear many cases where animals get hurt either due to our carelessness or due to natural disasters or sometimes due to some stupid mistake. It actually does not matter and wildlife needs to remain in the wild or they could either hurt human beings or the other way around. So, if you want you can start a small business with people who love animals and have experience dealing with them. 

13. Pet Transportation And Shelter 

If your customers want to leave their pet somewhere safe they don’t have to worry or if they want someone to move their pets from one location to another then can trust you as you have your pet transportation and shelter service. 

14. Recycling Service 

This is an ECO friendly idea where you travel to your client’s house and collect stuff that could be recycled. 

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