Was online cab booking system needed?


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Once traveling was no lesser than a daunting experience but then comes the online cap booking system. We never thought that one day we would be booking cabs online and will travel like a boss. The huge of a task of booking the taxi and forcefully accepting their unjust fairs was something of a herculean task. Thanks to the private hire taxi that has made our journeys comfortable. Undoubtedly, daily commuting to work is a soul-sapping compulsion. The insufficient public transport manipulates the need of a good taxi system as in Pakistan, public transport is horrendous. In most of the cities, it has gone worse, as in some it cannot compute the vast population. The 65 years of struggle to bring some good reforms were about to fail, but then uber and careem made their entry into the hearts of the country.

Why in such a fewer time people shift from the traditional taxies to online cab booking? What provokes them switching their preferences so fast? Was advertisement the main reason? Was it the forceful implementation? These are the common questions one may ask about the success of the online cab booking system. The answers to these questions can be found in the points below:

  • Public transport wasn’t enough to cope up the vast population of the cities that makes traveling none less than a big hurdle. The conditions of the buses were truly horrendous and at times, you need to wait for hours to wait for your desired bus. The attitude of the bus drivers and their selfish driving was the hallmark of their downfall. There needed an efficient transport system that can cope the vast population and can make traveling easier.
  • Behavior matters the most. Whether it is among the colleagues or comrades or the conductor, bus conductor have been very pathetic when it comes to the attitude. Not only they were ill-mannered but also they don’t stop their buses fully on a certain stop. This uncivilized way has resulted in many accidents hence the overall city had been suffering from this kind of heinous behaviors.
  • Rush driving was another reason that further adds a negative point to the public transport. Many accidents were reported in the major part of the city and that resulted in the loss of many lives. In spite of dozens of the accident being reported all across the country, neither the government nor bus driver did anything to overcome these accidents.
  • As far as the local taxis were concerned, traveling was more like a hell. People were forced to accept the tedious charges demanded by the taxis drivers for relatively very short rides. Nobody was there to keep a check and balance on these drivers, which ultimately provoked them to behave like gods.
  • The horrible conditions of the underdog’s fxs and old corolla demanded a better transport system. The conditions were so bad that a normal person can easily die inside while traveling. Ac? Well no. At that, nobody imagined having aac in taxis.
  • Everything would depend on their mood. At times they will reject you for going to a certain place leaving you with no option. As a result, you have to convince them on rein such a long amount. Nobody, seriously nobody was ready to take actions against the unfair charges taken by the taxi drivers.

These reasons manipulated the demand of having a reliable transport system. We deserve better” slogans were chanted all across the country but the change looked inevitable. But things come out to be way better just in an eye flash. When there’s a will, there is away. TH online cab booking system was brought to Pakistan and it changed their lives completely. Booking taxi was no more a hassle and not only had it allowed people to book the ride from their homes but also it enabled them to schedule their later rides without wasting their time. The transport system became much better and as a result, the autonomy of the local taxi driver was nowhere to be seen. The burden of making transport easier was released from the shoulders of the government and they have no choice than accepting them as a part of a major economy improvisation. One may ask what happened to the local taxi drivers. Did they lose their jobs? No, not really. The local taxi drivers were given an opportunity to join the company’s fleet and drive for a better future. The online cab booking system not only assisted them to earn better but also it gave them a relaxing piece of mind. Now they are no more bound to drive tedious hours as the independence was maintained by both careem and uber.

Let’s pledge to make things better in the future. The 20th century has given an unmatched gift to the people of Pakistan and it’s our responsibility to behave like adults from now on. Both the companies have given us so much; it is useless to run a campaign against them.

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