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If somebody asks you what a smartphone is, what would your probable answer be? Well, a smartphone is a  cellphone with multiple features. Or a smartphone is  touchscreen phone which can run on high speed internet and has many apps.

 Simply put, a smartphone needs to be smart. Technology is advancing by multifold and phone has transformed into a much advanced equipment with complex functions. Today’s generation phones contribute emotionally, socially and economically to one’s life.

Today apart from its specifications and features, a phone popularity depends  on its compatiblity with their users.Though compatibity may seem to be more of a human attribute, today’s phone have it too.

A phone is your virtual assisant, ie the more it understands you , the better it responds to your needs. Every little pop up, customizable setting goes a long way in developing, establishing  and reinforcing the relationship between a device and its user.

VIvo 15 is one such phone. The phone is equipped or rather loaded with features that makes it stand apart from other phone models of its league.

The camera

The front camera pop-up module is similar to that used by the Vivo V15 Pro, and is compatible with the rear cameras. Within one second the motorized  camera module appears and is displayed smoothly. How the mechanism is maintained after extended use, it remains to be seen. On the right side are the buttons for power and volume. They are conveniently positioned and provide good tactile feedback, although the volume buttons are a little too rigid. A “Smart Button” can be set on the left, and Google Assistant can be activated or a search by a single press can be triggered.

Special attributes

Double-press and long-press operations lead to tasks like launching the image recognition tool and opening the Visual Snapshot Google Assistant page. ⠀One can customize these shortcuts as per is choice. Over it there is a two-card Nano-SIM tray with a microSD. Fortunately, it is not a hybrid tray, meaning that double-SIM functionality will not have to be sacrificed for further storage

If you are wondering the price of this incredible phone and searching for mobile price lists . let us tell you it is only Rs 23,390

You will receive a 4 G volet, Bluetooth 4.2 Micro-USB port, GPS / A-GPS, and 3.5 mm headphone jack for connectivity. The battery is 4,000 mAh unit and Vivo Dual-Engine Fast Charging supports this phone. This is a more affordable Vivo V15 Pro’s in-display finger print sensor, so the Vivo V15 has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The Vivo V15 runs FunTouch OS 9 on the software side. ⠀

Vivo was placed on the Russian, Sri Lankan, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Brunei, Macao, Laos, Cambodia, Bengalese and Nepal smartphone market in 2017. It entered the mobile phone market in Pakistan in June 2017, and the brand Vivo is currently having rapid growth rate in the country.

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