Virtual Mailbox Services: Best & Convenience for Digital Nomad & Travelers


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Does your work or passion drive you to different places frequently? And are you always stressed about the physical mails that get neglected during the time you are away?

Well, not any more. Virtual mailbox services offer the best virtual office NYC, that enables remote professionals the convenience to receive their essential and physical mails from anywhere in the world.

There are many reputed service companies who deliver such virtual mailbox service where you have to sign up to a virtual mailbox and you can actually use the mailbox to collect and receive your physical mails and packages even when you are travelling overseas.

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Signing up to a virtual mailbox and availing the best virtual office NYC is not a complicated task. It usually involves 3 major steps:

  • Receive Your Personal Mailbox Number: 

The moment you sign up to a virtual mailbox service you would be provided with a personal mailbox number where you can collect your mails or packages.

  • Scan The Received Mail or Package: 

Once the mail has entered your mailbox, the shipping label or the front of the envelope is scanned. With a running internet connection, you can view the scanning process on the company website or through a dedicated app.

  •  Open, Forward, Discard or Archive Your Mail: 

Once the scanning process is complete, the mail is in your custody. You have the choice to open, forward, discard or archive your mail. Usually the service packages allot a particular number of mail open per month with a set number of scanned pages.

You can ask the company to forward the mail or package to your currently residing address or you can get the service provider to scan the pages of the mail and send you in a PDF format to be viewed online.

If you are a digital nomad, a virtual mailbox is an incredibly convenient service that keeps your work rolling even when you are absent from the office or contact location.

Apart from mail receiving and forwarding, Virtual mailbox delivers numerous other services that imparts flexibility into professional functioning and operations even when you are travelling places. Some of them include.

  • Mail Receiving Alert
  • Scanning and Viewing of Envelop Online
  • Open and Scan Mails Online
  • Discarding Mails, shredding or recycling packages
  • Storing Packages and Shipping
  • Depositing Cheques 

Every virtual mailbox provides separate and favourable service packages especially designed for digital nomad and travelers. From a various range in prices and offerings, you can easily choose the appropriate one that suits your requirement precisely. Some of the packages include:

  • Travelling Mailbox: 

Travelling mailbox is an eminent mail forwarding service provided to assist in mail forwarding and receiving while you are travelling. It is designed with five definite priced plans based on the amount of incoming mails, number of page scans, mailbox recipients etc.

Offering services like envelope scans, filtering junk mails, discarding and shredding mails, cloud storage facility and more, travelling mailbox makes the best virtual office NYC for personal, startups and small scale enterprise business operations. 

  • US Global Mailbox: 

US Global mailbox has been serving clients for many years now. Especially designed for personal and family mail receiving and forwarding, you can avail the service for short term(monthly) or long term(1-2 years) basis. 

Global Mailbox offers the most affordable rate mail forwarding services. It also includes free letter storage and package storage facility for limited days. 

  • Virtual Post Mail: 

Virtual Post Mail is the ideal solution for handling professional mails remotely for digital nomads. This package offers a commercial mailing address with unlimited free mails and specific numbers of mail scans and recipients per month. Not only this, it also includes cheque deposit and shipping services at a nominal fee every month.

Moreover, adding value and convenience to your business travel plans, the virtual post mail delivers free setup with no cancellation charges and unlimited digital storage to facilitate you to access your incoming mails from anywhere with an active internet connection.

Who Opts for the Virtual Mailbox Service?

  • Travelers: 

The virtual mailbox service company handles your mails while you enjoy your crucial business trips or long awaited family vacations. 

virtual mailbox

  • Digital Nomads: 

Are you a digital nomad? Then virtual mailbox service can add convenience and value to set up the best virtual office NYC while operating like a physical mailbox in reality. 

  • RVers and Vanlifers: 

If you are living most of your days on the road like RVers and Vanlifers, you can use virtual mailbox service to forward your mails to the next campground you plan to stop, no matter where in the world you are. 

  • Expats:

If you are working in an overseas country but wish to keep your permanent mailing address at your home country for billing, voting and taxes, get a virtual mailing address to solve your mail forwarding and receiving needs.

Still doubtful about the concept of Virtual Mailbox? Give it a try. It is the best and convenient option to manage your physical mails effectively.

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