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Augmented reality (AR) is a term that is rapidly taking the world into its grasp. It is a technology which superimposes a computer-based image on the real-time scenery. That is to say, it creates a composite view of both the technological and the real worlds through their perfect amalgamation. It involves an interactive experience, which indulges in responding to the instructions commanded by the user. This is amazingly changing the way one perceives the world. This is now helping people by providing them with jobs and is seamlessly increasing its demand in the market. Thus it is getting embraced by several companies day by day.

The following user-friendly tips will surely provide aid to someone who is diligently interested in taking part in this growing interactive world.

➢Defining the purpose, that is the functionality of the AR solution. Taking a surge into the reason for its development.

Since the time Augmented Reality took birth into this world, many applications have been made and introduced into the market. But most of them face the same problem, that is the issue of functionality. They seem to have no main purpose that uses and serves the benefits provided by it to its advantage. They are simply those apps that only keep on featuring it. It’s true value lies in the fact that not only is it prioritized for its technology but also valued for the immersive interactive experience it provides to the user.

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When one is involved in developing the Augmented Reality, one is sure to find a problem or situation that can be solved using the help of AR itself. For instance, while developing the skills training in fields such as that of healthcare industries or industries of any other kind, it presents the new learners of that field with such great learning opportunities that keep away any kind of risks and harm. However, by doing this it never tries to cut the relation with the real world, and still helps to establish the contact.

Though it creates a nice impression, yet only being fun and visual does not help to succeed at all levels. Therefore, one needs to look at some other points.

➢Making the user be the center of the solution in focus.

This technology intends to point at the various supports it provides to help the user by augmenting the reality. Thus there is a need to put oneself into a user’s shoes so that the problems can be felt just as the user faces them. Irrespective of the focus of the topic that the solution is dealing with, it is very important to keep in mind that it is the user who should always have full control.
With passing time, its capabilities and details keep on developing and improving. Moreover, it is sometimes that the developers pay too much attention in the technical issues that they almost forget about the UX, that is the User Experience Design. It is the basic necessity to think about the profiles of the users and to always remember to provide them real interactivity between the real and the virtual worlds so that they can enjoy having the best of both worlds.

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➢One should set expectations depending on the reality

When a new solution gets developed one always wishes it to be flawless that can satisfy the needs of all the users. But that level of perfectness could hardly be achieved by anyone in reality. One should have one’s objectives such that it should be advantageous regarding solution not only in Augmented Reality ones but also in others. Those objectives should be challenging on the one hand and on the other hand keep in touch with reality. There exists no such tool that can ever satiate the hunger of anyone absolutely regarding any field.

When the solution of Augmented Reality that is being upgraded to the latest focuses its total attention on education it should be necessarily kept in mind that different people have different pace and speed of learning a thing and several other methods of their own. It is never that everyone learns a particular thing at the same pace. They apply numerous methods that they deem helps them best. That is why this information should be used always in favor of someone which helps them in order to accurately understand a user.

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This solution has various advantages in its pocket out of which some belong to the edtech field. These few advantages related to the edtech field help users to clarify their doubts properly. One of such vantages results in enhancing the learners with personalized learning, presenting each and every student with what they actually require.

➢Simplification of the content is a must

One of the many biggest features of Augmented Reality, or AR as is popularly known, is that it is an immensely resourceful while visually. It undoubtedly and very easily helps to simplify those concepts that are utterly abstract and hard to decipher. It makes it inevitable for the writer to always keep it in conscience that understandability of the benefactor should always be easy and precise. It makes sure to include simplified content that helps a user t gain as much as possible. Hence it is inevitable to keep the content simple and visually attractive.

The sole aim is to give a user the visual experience one deserves without much haphazardness and enabling them to take stress as less as possible. It believes in providing the quality user experience.

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