What is the use of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate to File a Patent in India


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The nature of work has evolved over the years. The traditional method of filling up forms and applications is no longer restricted to physical papers and long waiting queues. There are numerous tasks that function over the digital platform and can be done sitting at home. For example, filing for a patent can now be done online if you are able to acquire a government-issued class 2 digital signature certificate.

What is a Patent?

Well, many might be unaware of the proper meaning and usage of the term Patent or be patented. Let us first look into that.

If you have an invention that is useful, novel and innovative, then you can be liable for legal authority, which is termed as patent, to use, buy or sell your invented product in the market. A patent is a privilege that is used to effectively protect the discovered assets of inventors and prevent its misuse by others. It gives the inventor an exclusive right to prevent others from producing or using their discovery for a limited period of time.

The inventions are broadly classified into four basic categories:

  1. A new useful Machinery

  2. Creative Human Made Products

  3. Unusual Combination of Constituents

  4. Possessing Techniques

Role of Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate in filing Patent:

IPR or Intellectual Property Rights is necessary for protection, promotion, transfer, enforcement and dissemination of creations of new products and technologies.

The Information Technology Act, 2000 reinforces the acquisition of an authorized issued digital signature certificate before you apply for a patent online.

The class 2 digital signature certificate identifies and authenticates the information you provide in the application and ensures privacy, security and genuineness of the documents submitted electronically with the application form.

Why do you need a Patent?

Intellectual Property rights are designed to safeguard an inventor’s discovered assets safe and secured. However, an inventor is only patented when the discovery is novel and shows or solves issues that were faced with previous similar inventions. In order to be granted this privilege, the invented asset must be involved in a patentable subject matter utility and have the essential enablement.

How a Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate can be a treasurable asset:

Once you have acquired a digital signature certificate, it comes with a validity of one, two or three years. Not only e-filing for patent and trademark online, but a class 2 digital signature certificate can also be used in various other e-filing, e-procurement and e-tendering processes.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Providing essential privacy and security in all web-based and online transactions.
  • Encrypting your confidential information from reaching potential hackers
  • Being a counterpart of a physical signature, a digital signature certificate authenticates your identity. Omit using a username and password every time.
  • Establish your authority on your domain name and procure a protected data transfer between the user and receiver.

There is no great discovery that goes unnoticed. If you are one of those creative people who are gifted with the intelligence and knowledge of creating something new and useful that can be used for the development of humankind, file for a patent license right away. Just don’t forget to obtain your digital signature certificate. It will serve as the topping on the patent cake.

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