Upcoming horizons of business analytics in Indian markets


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There is no doubt in the fact that business analytics is going to dominate the financial system in the next few decades. In this context, it becomes necessary to examine the upcoming horizons of business analytics in Indian markets. This article deep dives into the same and tries to sketch up a picture of this prospective arena.


What emerged as a sceptical science is now commanding the contours if the business markets? Business analytics, which was earlier looked with a suspicious daze and doubts were cast on its utility across sectors has suddenly emerged as the most prominent analytical science of the time. But the rise of business analytics is not as sudden as it may appear. The science has cast its spell on the business market by virtue of its relevance and necessity. Let’s explore how.

What is business analytics all about?

Business analytics is the use of statistical analysis and advanced computing algorithms to make business management models more understandable. Business analytics primarily involves three stages. In the first stage, various types of data sets relevant to a study under consideration are made available. The chief aim here is to mine a wide variety of samples from databases so that future results have minimal error and maximum accuracy. It should be noted that the extracted data should have high reliability and validity. In the second stage, we try to arrange and rearrange the data symmetrically so that classification and nomenclature may become easy. The chief aim here is to identify the various patterns in the available data. The third stage involves the testing of raw and unprocessed data. In this stage, only those data samples which are relevant to the problem under consideration are taken into account. For instance, this may range from examination of the investment potential of a particular portfolio for a particular month. So, accordingly data relevant to summarize the results would be needed. Various techniques like cloud computing and edge computing may be used in the process.

How will business analytics help Investors?

Business analytics is going to help investors in a number of ways. Let us take this in a bit of detail and understand this by an example. There is a company which wants to invest millions of dollars in electric vehicles. This company is in a dilemma because it can spend the same amount of money for investment in stock market. This dilemma can be resolved by using business analytics. Business analytics will give the investors the exact picture of return on investment, marginal cost of production, cost of labour and the depreciation details. Such figures can prove very helpful for the company and make its choice of investment much more informed.

Exploring the horizons of business analytics

To understand in depth about the horizons of business analytics, analytics training hubs have emerged in many places. These training hubs offer a wide variety of business courses. For instance, analytics courses in Bangalore are the most sought after given their growing popularity and scope. This is not surprising because places like Bangalore and Delhi are also the special economic zones of the country. So, if there is a place which can best host the institutions providing business analytics training, it is either Bangalore or Delhi.

Few positive signs for businesses 

With the advent of new technologies like cloud computing, big data analytics, statistical analysis, soft computing and artificial intelligence, the meaning of business in the current times has changed. Businesses now stand amid a digital climate regulated by virtual platforms. Any business which wants to stand the test of time needs to prove that it is heavily equipped with technology. In other words, it needs to prove that it has the suitable machinery to cope up with the impending technological revolution.

Expect the unexpected 

Business is definitely an uncertain ride. No matter how much statistics and probability is infused to predict trends, we may still expect the unexpected. However, this doesn’t mean that complex algorithms will go wrong or come up with deviations. This actually means that certain external factors may come into play which might affect our analysis. Having said that, it needs to be assured that this is just a possibility. The modern analytics courses especially the analytics courses in Bangalore have been such designed that end to end results and business trends can be predicted with very high accuracy.

Concluding remarks 

The horizons of business analytics in Indian markets span far and wide. The need of the hour is to exploit the potential of business analytics to make the Indian market touch new heights in near future.

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