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Everyone has their own core essentials that they can never leave the house without. Whether you’re running out to complete errands or going to work or school, there’s one essential that can always come in handy: water bottles.

You can find water bottles in almost every color, shape, and style you can imagine, but some brands retain stronger features and eco-friendly qualities over others.

If you’re looking for one that is sure to be in style but still retain the qualities you need to support your day to day activities, the Simply Southern Tervis tumblers are a great choice. Online store, Girls Round Here sells an assortment of tumblers that come in fun colors, designs, styles, and more that you can use to carry around your drinks.

Aside from tumblers, Girls Round Here has plenty of other items including men and women’s clothing that encompasses what the southern lifestyle is all about. They carry over 80 southern brands in their store and have thousands of comfortable t-shirts for men and women to choose from.

One of the many brands you can find on Girls Round Here is Tervis. They are known for their stylish tumblers and more specifically, their unique structure that will keep your hot drinks warm and your cold drinks cool for long periods of time.

So, what are some of the features that the Simply Southern Tervis tumblers have?

Reusable Plastic and Stainless Steel Options

Tervis tumblers are reusable which makes them a more sustainable alternative to bringing plastic water bottles around with you. Reusable water bottles allow for long-term use so you can bring any drink that you want with you and use them over and over again. Not to mention, anytime you bring a Simply Southern Tervis tumbler with you, you’ll be drinking your beverage in style.

The tumblers that you can find on Girls Round Here are offered in stainless steel and plastic options. Despite which one you choose, your tumbler will have guaranteed durability and the ability to keep your drink warm or cool.

They are Vacuum Insulated and Have Double Walls

The insulated and double wall properties of our Simply Southern Tervis tumblers are what make the bottle one that is built to last. It also helps to retain the temperature of your cold and hot drinks, something that many one-time-use bottles don’t have the ability to do. No matter how long your bottle has been sitting throughout the day you are using it, you can always expect to come back to a fresh beverage.

Many Designs to Choose From

The Tervis tumblers from Simply Southern are available in a variety of designs and colors to choose from so that you could have different options. Regardless of what you choose, their designs embody the southern lifestyle and will be eye-catching to those around you. When shopping for these tumblers, you can expect fun, bright colors.

These tumblers could make a great essential to purchase for yourself or even as a gift for someone you care about. You are always free to choose the one that appeals to you the most and matches your personality best.

When you shop from Girls Round Here, you can always expect to see the latest, up to date arrivals from their website if you want to hop on the latest trends in lifestyle and clothing. You have the opportunity to take a look at what products of theirs are the most popular, or you can browse through their selections at your own convenience.

If you have any questions about their Simply Southern Tervis tumblers or any other product on their website, you can reach them at 252-419-0080.

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