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Search engine optimization or simply SEO is the set of rules followed by the website owners to optimize their websites for search engines in order to improve their search engine rankings. It is important for any websites to increase traffic and generate the leads for the sales. In objective of business owners is to generate leads via websites. That is why they are spending their time and money to develop the quality website. SEO plays a major role in search engine rankings and thus impacting the web traffic. So it is essential for every website to be the optimized website. In addition, it is one the best ways to make your website a user – friendly one and easier to navigate. SEO can be done through the set of rules and guidelines at various stages.

Why SEO is important?

The recent survey predicts that there are 83,000 searchers per minute online. Many people using search engines like Google to get answers for their queries and solutions for their problems. If you have a properly optimized website then it will help you to attain the business goals. Search engine optimization is important for any website because:

Majority of the peoples tend to click the top of the 5 results in their search engine page rankings hence it is important for any websites or online stores to list in the top 5 or at least in the first page of the rankings in order to achieve your desired business goals.

SEO is not only about search results but also it helps to improve the user experience thereby increasing the website traffic.

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Users trusting the websites that are ranking top of the search engine page results so it will also help you to improve your brand reputation and trust among the users.

Proper SEO tactics and techniques differentiate you among your competitors and it also helps you to stay ahead of your competitors. For instance, if you are selling the same product as like your competitor but your website is optimized and user-friendly then automatically it will rank higher than your competitors and improve your sales.

Benefits of international SEO:

If you are no longer satisfied with local clients and want to take your brand to next level means you have to definitely go for international SEO strategies. Developing new web presence in specific countries and languages will definitely help you in getting more traffic to your website. If you have time and financial stability means you can try international SEO strategies. Here are the new rewards for expanding your website presence internationally:

  • You can get new customers and prospect leads for your business.
  • You can get more profits
  • You can get more traffic and rankings to your site.

Here is the list of few tips that will help you before doing international SEO for your site:

Access your online business model:

Before going for international SEO you need to answer few questions regarding your business.

  • Will your business suits your online goals?
  • What is the nature of your business whether it is service based / product based?
  • Can you able to deliver the products internationally?
  • What are your business constraints?
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These questions will give you a clear picture about your services and opportunity to go globally. It also helps you to analyze the strength and weakness of your business.

Audit the international SEO potential of your site:

The next step is discovering your business has global potential or not by viewing the global audience by google analytics data. Click on the audience ->location to identify the countries of your visitors. You have to also identify the languages and organic traffic data before get into an international SEO campaign. While analyzing these things don’t depend only on Google. You have to analyze different browsers from different countries like Russia’s Yandex, South Korea’s Naver and China’s Baidu. SEO head of a reputed SEO company in India – Tangensys says “it is important to analyze the international opportunities of your business before getting into an international SEO campaign”.

Do proper research on potential international search markets:

The keywords vary from country to country even for English speaking countries. Hence it is important to do proper research before identifying the potential international search markets. There are lots of tools available in the market to get the proper analysis report on potential organic traffic, search phrases, competitors and search behavior.

How to set up international SEO targeting:

Now you can have a proper idea about your target audience and specific countries you need to target. You have to make sure that your site is relevant not only to English speaking countries but also to non-English speaking countries.

For instance, the USA and Britain are the English speaking countries but they behave fundamentally different way so it essential to frame the appropriate content for each region and language group. So here are a few things you do need to do while targeting an international audience.

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Domain structure:

Depending on the countries your domain structure will vary accordingly. The country code in your URL will bring more search engine page rankings. For subdomains, you can use local IP address. Hence it is easier to track the Google analytics but it requires separate SEO strategy for domain and subdomains.

Subdirectory should be the technical support domain because it provides the different identity for each category and it will be user – friendly for the customers when they require sharing your website with their friends.

Language targeting:

Your approach should be language targeted because it is the factor that can influence the type of your business content and website goals. First, begin with the language targeted approach them slowly move to country targeted approach to identify the potential.

Country targeting:

Your goal should be targeting the right country and reaching the right audience by creating specific versions of your site for different countries. Google has announced that they are using ccTLD to determine the geo-targeting. If you have technical and financial resources it is worth getting this type of domain structure.

Monitoring the basic performance of yours on the page and off page SEO will also help you to attain your SEO goals internationally.

SEO is the long-term process you need to implement the right strategies in order to gain valuable result. Do this with perfection and enjoy the results.

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