Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Comfortable Australian Office Chair


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As a matter of fact, an average person fence around 40 hours per week on an office chair. If you multiply this by the average number of years that a person works, you can easily see that a large part of one’s life is spent in an office chair. In spite of all the calculations, more money is spent on purchasing the desk and office chairs. There are many people who are spending a lot of money on office furniture. This is because everyone wants to be comfortable when they use this furniture. It’s time for you to look for a comfortable office chair. 

Here are some of the tips that you need to follow to buy office chair

There have been many studies that show a supportive office chair will increase productivity and maximize the efficiency of the person sitting on it. On the other hand, bad office chairs will lead to back strain, joint problems, leg problems, all of which will result in a loss of time at work. This will send the productivity spiraling down. So instead of losing all the money due to employee absenteeism, it is very crucial for you to spend money on good office chairs which promote good health for the employees and no injuries during the workspace. This will also lead to fewer absences among employees. It’s up to you to buy the best office chairs in Sydney. The design of the chair must be considered but not before the compatibility.

Lumbar support

One of the good office chairs will always have support for the lower back. However, if you go for the better one, they will even have adjustable lumbar support which will allow the user to fit the chair as per the lower back. This is very crucial in preventing the back strain which might worsen if you sit on an uncomfortable office chair. This is why you should look for lumbar support whenever you make a purchase decision about the office chairs. Make the right decision with the executive office chairs.


If you check out the office chairs, almost all of them have an arm and height adjustment. However, this is not something very important to look for when you are shopping for office chairs. One of the best office chairs will always have at least 5 adjustments. If you look for a chair that has an adjustment of around 14 then make the purchase decision right there, because that would be the best office chair for employees. When it comes to adjustability, there are many things that are included in it, like lumbar support, arm height and weight, seatback width and height, tension control and seat and back angle. There are many supports that are dial controlled in these office chairs. There are many chairs that come with a blood pressure cuff pump as well.

Wheel Base

As a matter of fact, all officers have a wheelbase. If the office is carpeted, it is necessary to get a chair with wheels specifically for the carpet. Rolling becomes very important in preventing the strain when you want to reach across the desk to retrieve the items that are out of the reach. The wheelbase is very crucial.

Swivel Base

If you are looking for an office chair, you must look for a suitable base. Swivel base will allow you to move freely to various parts of the desk. If the chair doesn’t swivel freely, it might result in arm fatigue or overextension of the body parts.


Another important factor that must be taken care of while you are buying an office chair is the fabric of the chair. The fabric you choose must be breathable to keep the chair from becoming hot and uncomfortable while the employees are sitting on it. Additionally, it should also have enough cushion to support the person who sits on it. Nobody should ever feel the base of the chair through the cushion. On the whole, the office chair, you choose for your employees must be comfortable.


A good chair is important because it helps in maintaining your health. There won’t be any back strains or leg problems if you have a good chair by your side. Also, the office is the place where you are going to spend most of your time, therefore it is essential for you to sit on a good supportive office chair which helps in preventing the discomfort and pity while you are sitting on it. As per the studies, comfortable employees are far more productive than the ones who are uncomfortable in the office setting. So, having a comfortable, correct office chair will reduce the number of brakes that the employees go on because of being uncomfortable. Thus, finding the right office chair in Melbourne that could keep your employees comfortable and away from the injuries. It is very important to have a healthy, happy, productive environment at your office. 

Make sure that the office chairs are doing their part to increase productivity.

Happy Working!

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