Trends to Note for the Call Center Services!


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The call center industry has revolutionized over the time, which has resulted in great changes and subsequent growth in the market trend. This exponential growth has brought a paradigm shift in the call center services! The revolution through this technology update and the use of social media channels for communication has altered the functions for the call centers.

Not only is this, the introduction of cloud software, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), AI (Artificial Intelligence) etc. prove to be a boom for the business industry. These transformational technological booms and reshapes the business platform to work more efficiently and productively. The coming tenure for the call center services will be enriched with analytics, and will introduce a better use of social media platforms.

For the meantime, let’s have a look at the trends to watch for the call center industry:

The emergence of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps the reputed call center services streamline their customer support. The early adopters of this technology got better insights and they were able to gain customer satisfaction. Thereafter, more and more companies turn over to adopt this technology for business advancement.

Artificial intelligence helps to integrate customer interaction, queries and saves the recordings of business-customer chats for future support. This mark the biggest reason businesses want new technologies at service.

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Here is how AI helps the call centers in offering hassle-free services:

  • Personalized interactions.
  • Call transfers to human agents as per query.
  • The use of Chatbots.


Digital transformation has brought huge changes for several business platforms and call centers are not apart! With digitalization, the business performance, results, etc. have altered making the industry prone to these new changes.

Apart from AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IoT (Internet of Things) has come up as a digital strategy to increase advanced system of working and earning revenue.

Business analysis

Contact center analysis, as we all know relates to manual processes, where customer requests came in manually. However, today, the system has upgraded bringing in new techniques for business enhancement.

Nowadays, the customer data, SMS, and chats are saved through analytics so that it can be transformed easily with automation.

Many omni-channel call centers rely on analytics for efficient outputs.

Additionally to provide real-time updates for customer experience, analytics help to bring supplemented results.

The use of omni-channel communication

New technologies brought omni-channel customer support service into use. It offers a seamless experience by being available through an internet server.

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Cloud with omni-channel support is the new trend, which has augmented rapidly. Customers nowadays eagerly look forward to receiving services through their chosen channels like voice, email, text, etc.

Not only is this, the customers using omni-channel self-service get the authority to begin an activity in one channel and move on swiftly.

This feasibility was not possible earlier. Through omni-channel support, your call center services gets enriched customer support, as customers get their favored channel to connect to the business service.

Adoption of cloud technology

Businesses adopting cloud to bring excellence is not new. Several firms have already opted the cloud technology or are in the process to do so.

With changing time, cloud will take call center services to new positions.

Smooth team communication and positive partnership is todays’ call centers requirement and with an overall increase in remote call agents, cloud services are the next stop point for every business.

With numerous perks that cloud service brings to call centers, here are the benefits that call centers will receive in the time to come:

  • Augmented customer experience
  • Scaling the business elasticity
  • Global reach
  • More reliable resources
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Superior analysis
  • Virtual business existence
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Remote call managers

With the advent of cloud technology, remote cloud agents have become the need of the business. The benefits that cloud service brings is the reason remote call agents have become the trend for the call center outsourcing firms.

Cloud technology has the power to bring call center services over a virtual platform that helps in enhanced business handling. Moreover, having remote agents at work, a business gets benefits like:

  • Heightened agent productivity
  • Customer service
  • Experienced talent
  • Better flexibility in services
  • Cost-effective
  • Boosted business activities

The introduction of two-way social media

Two-way social media is certainly the need of the hour! Every customer wishes easy and swift response to her/his query, which compels companies to handle their social medias’ well.

Sharing business updates is not only the thing to consider, but, customers look forward to an updated channel to bring supplemented customer satisfaction. On-time response is important for enhancing customer experience and a two-way social media aims to bring the best of it!

Lastly, by joining communication in one platform through cloud, businesses generate enriched customer experience. Two-way communication helps is connecting a business-customer bond, where the agents have the customers’ purchase records, which helps in evaluating their queries and bringing result.

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