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2018 flew by. I can’t believe it but the year is almost coming to an end. And it’s terrible because I haven’t taken my much needed vacation yet. Are you in the same place as I am? If you are, I’ve found the best set of deals that will make you book your ticket instantly. Tajawal is here to ensure you have the best holiday yet, and also save big with hotel and flight bookings.            With VoucherCodesUAE, you can get further discounts using the Tajawal Coupon Code and Tajawal Voucher Code on the website. Take a look at some of the places that I think are definitely worthy of a visit:

  1. Southern Germany


Germany has some of the most vibrant fall colours. No matter where you head, the experience is bound to be extremely magical. Just rent a car and take a roadtrip! Bavaria is one such place that definitely won’t disappoint. To add to the already fantastic experience, the castles, bridges and churches with clear blue skies and clouds floating around like cotton candy, will take you right back to the medieval age!

  1. Sri Lanka- The Gem of the Indian Ocean


Known for its surreal landscape and pristine beaches, Sri Lanka has a lot more to offer, especially in fall. There are numerous waterfalls that are risky to trek up to during monsoon, so fall is the perfect time to do so. Filled with rhododendrons and lush green ferns, these sights will definitely leave you feeling mesmerized.

  1. Chile

Travel This Fall Only With Tajawal

Torres del Paine in Chile is a trip you will cherish throughout your lifetime. The rugged terrain and Andean peaks are best visited during fall, when the temperatures are warmer and there are longer hours of daylight. The winds are also less harsh, during late fall. Flora and fauna is so vivid, and is an absolute treat to the eyes.

  1. Israel


Northern Israel’s Mediterranean coastline is an off-beat place that should be on your list at any cost. This region is thankfully not yet shrouded by scores of tourists, but still has some of the best wineries and eateries that you can find in town. If you’re a water enthusiast, you can also try surfing since the temperature is quite pleasant.

  1. Greece


Greece is a dreamy place in itself, irrespective of when you visit. During fall though, ,temperatures are warm and there are fewer tourists, which make scouring the streets a lot easier. More importantly, you can go swimming in the Aegean sea because the weather is simply perfect. It’s another side of Greece that you should definitely not miss.

  1. Peru


Machu Pichu is probably on everyone’s bucket list because it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. However, we can’t overlook the fact that it is almost always infested with tourists. During fall, the number drastically drops and the grass is greener. This means prettier photos for you!

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