Transforming Your Kitchen from Bleak to Chic


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Contemporary, Mediterranean, modern, or traditional kitchen design styles are functional. However, your kitchen can look dreary if you do not pay attention to its aesthetics. An uninviting kitchen can spoil your mood in the morning and stress you in the evening when you’re home from work, tired, and not in the mood to do anything.

Don’t worry because there is a way to make the kitchen your favorite spot. The following tips will have you looking forward to bond, cook, and dine in your kitchen.


You can set the tone of your kitchen design by the kind of flooring you choose. Wood floors give a feel of elegance and warmth. Carpets not only offer a cushion for your feet but also turn any drab looking kitchen to a paradise. You can choose the gray color as it is classy and blonde making the room appear larger.

Textured, tile, laminate, and vinyl are some floor types that are trending currently. Opt for one that is long-lasting, easy to clean, and attractive.


Lighting is essential for your kitchen, as you will be working with sharp objects and other cooking tools. Give your kitchen an energetic feel by choosing bright white for your lighting. Choose the bulb watts depending on how much natural light streams into your kitchen.

Insufficient lighting is not suitable for your eyes and, for this reason, you can add LED lights in the kitchen. As such, you may consider integrating individual or long strips of LED lights under the cabinets to illuminate the worktops.

Worktop Makeover

You can replace the material on your kitchen worktops without removing the previous ones. Change a stainless steel worktop into quartz, ceramic, or wood. Choose a material that is durable, attractive, heat-resistant, and water-resistant to last you long. Go for an appealing and easy-to-clean texture.

Granite also does great magic to turn your kitchen from its bleak look into a stylish and luxurious one. Another magical makeover is ceramic. It works well to match your kitchen theme with the worktops. They come in a variety of beautiful textures and colors.


Nothing is a complete turn off like a poorly arranged kitchen. You may need to improvise on storage facilities if the available ones are not enough. A small kitchen can be hard to store everything and at the same time, make it look chic. If there is a big round table, opt for a smaller one with half-moon shape.

The space on your refrigerator can be for pans, pots, and other utensils. You can create a shelf under countertops for storing recipe books and small tools. You can also mount pegboards to store utensils frequently in use and arrange them in an attractive manner.

Playing Around with Colors

Most kitchens have one color making it dull and boring. Different colors are a good idea to make your kitchen more contemporary. Choose colors that blend in with the kitchen so that they can brighten you up when cooking. For stimulation of appetite, red can be the color of choice. Baby blue is also a beautiful color that makes you feel at home as it has a relaxing effect.

Matte black, cream, pale yellow, coral, and sage green are some of them. You can choose bright white for the walls and marine blue for the cabinets. There is an array of colors that can give your kitchen a total transformation you will love.

Playing Around with Colors


With time, paint on walls and cabinets wears off and the kitchen looks dull and ugly. You can repaint with the same color or have a change that will make it look new. Look for deep scratches and dents in your cabinets and fill them before painting. You may have to roughen up the surface so that the paint adheres well.

Consider cleaning the surfaces before painting to get rid of old paint peels, grim, and dirt. Repainting with a semi-gloss or satin finish will make the surfaces shinier and easy to clean when they are dirty. To avoid paint spills, use masking tape to cover edges of appliances, tiles, and worktops.

High-Quality Appliances

If there is one thing that shouts class in a kitchen, it is high-quality appliances. Invest in devices that will ease your work and also transform your kitchen into a classic one. A refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and an oven are some of the appliances to get.

When purchasing a dishwasher, opt for one that is quiet, has a large capacity, and is energy-efficient. These qualities should apply to all your kitchen appliances.


Some cabinets, floors, furniture, and countertops can wear off with time. Instead of buying new ones, consider doing a retrofit on them. You can do some upgrades yourself or call in an expert to do it. Repair cracks on walls and cabinets to avoid further damage and improve their look.

The renovation will help secure and improve the style, and it will make the favorite spot in your house more comfortable. This also allows for the inclusion of other decors that will enhance the entire kitchen look.

Plan Kitchen Layout

When moving out to a new house or renovating the current house, the layout should be in your to-do list. You know what you need most in your kitchen hence you should incorporate it in the new look. If the current one is not spacious, you may have trolley storage. You will put in all the things you require during cooking and put it away after you are through.

The space between the island and the counters should be enough to allow smooth movement of people in the kitchen.


Rearranging the furniture and other appliances in your kitchen will make it chicer. Arrange the furniture in a way that you can have dinner with the family inside the kitchen. If it is a big kitchen, you can rearrange it for a party event. Rearranging also creates more space in your kitchen for putting in more devices.

Install Backsplashes

See backsplashes as the pictures in your kitchen and choose them for aesthetic purposes. Backsplashes are functional too as they protect the walls from food particles, oil, and water spills. Select high-quality material and elegant-looking backsplashes to give your kitchen that sophisticated feel.

Tight work schedules and the need to bond with family and friends are making the kitchen the meeting room. It is, therefore, essential to make it a warm haven to relieve evening stress over a warm meal. Ensure the colors are inviting, and the ambiance is good to make for good memories.

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