Top Weekend Adventure Getaways from Delhi


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Often beneath the commotion lie the enthusiastic and adventurous characteristics of the people who populate a city. And Delhi, behind its hustle and tumult, has the heart of a child. People who are seeking adventurous getaways can consider the enlisted options and discover their exploratory aspect. Take a moment from the rush city life engages, for appreciation and contemplation of the beauty that surrounds us. Engross in these invigorating activities while satiating the adventure craving animal which resides in you.

Going outside the city often monetarily pressurize our wallet along with the polluting the nature where we reach by our car and damage it. But you can also visit these places through a more socially responsible approach and reduce your carbon footprint. Consider opting for rental e-bikes and scooters. Forget about hassle in booking or overly charged vehicles, these e-scooters are made available throughout the city by Zypp, who at budget prices strives at serving the nomad that fumes within you.

  1. F-9-Go- Karting

All the racing adrenaline junkies can try this activity out in Gurugram. This activity is also available in Noida and Subhash Nagar. In a busy city like Delhi, people who crave adventure and desire to go on a short yet exciting weekend getaway, Go-karting is the best among the lot.

You can also experience the enthralling vibe of the city and be eco-friendly by utilizing an e-scooter rental app and reaching your destination in style.

  1. Indian Mountaineering Foundation

If you have a knack for climbing or just want to try it out but do not have the time or energy to go for actual trekking, Indian Mountaineering Foundation will give you an experience similar to natural mountain climbing. The facility is equipped with professionals who will guide you through the process and will help you reach the summit. You can even explore the spoils of Delhi by renting an electric bike through Zypp who are giving exciting discounts and offers to its first-time users.

  1. Damdama Lake Resort

It is the perfect spot for a family getaway. Damdama Lake Resort harbours some very exciting, adventurous activities for children as well as adults. Situated near Damdama Lake and in the lap of Aravalli Hills, this resort will rejuvenate you from the bustle of city life. The resort which is located on Sohna-Gurugram road will provide you with the much-needed family bonding time you desired.

  1. Sky Waltz

Experience the thrill of riding in a hot air balloon and viewing the magnificent city skyline with Sky Waltz in Noida. This activity will satiate all your adventure cravings and will give you a cherishing experience to reminisce. You can also explore and skim through the city on an electric bike made available to you by Zypp, a platform for rental e-bikes and scooters.

  1. Paragliding

Who said that you need to get out of Delhi to experience the exploits of paragliding when your city has it all? Paragliding in Gurugram is one of the few adventurous activities which will give you an absolute sense of exhilaration. Feel the wind soaring through you as you understand the true meaning of peace and tranquillity.

To top it off, you can reach the location by renting an e-bike through Zypp who has launched their pilot program throughout Delhi NCR.

  1. ATV Ride

ATV Rides can be fun and crazy not just for bikers but every adventure junkie. The facility at Malpura is thrilling and is every reason why you should skip work with your friends. To add a layer of extra fun to this getaway, rent an e-bike or scooter with your friends and unleash a more gripping experience.

  1. Flying Fox

Flying Fox at Neemrana is breathtaking and will have you feeling fresh and revitalized in no time. Zipline your way through the heart of nature and experience the beauty in its most pristine form by flying at the height of 150 metres is no mean task, but the facilitators at the place will take all necessary steps to complete your zip lining experience with absolute safety.

It is time to get out of the comfort of your home and see the beauty this city envelops. The best way to explore the city without being a burden on the environment is through renting e-bikes and scooters. Have fun, make friends and discover the thrill that is yet not checked out on your bucket list.

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