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A significantly large number of people all over the world consume news in some form or the other. Some news categories which may interest one, may not be appealing to another. However, every one of them wants to know the latest information that is available. They would also love the flexibility of accessing news from different journalists while on the go. With mobile phones becoming a vital part of every person, a simple app could do the trick. As a result, every android app development company is coming with new apps that can show the latest news with a simple tap.

News App for Technophiles

If you are someone who is into technology and loves to know what are the latest and the greatest technological marvels that have recently launched, there are apps that might interest you. There are various tech news apps that you might find on your mobile app store. Here are some of the most popular and reliable mobile tech news apps.

1. Appy Geek

New content constantly gets added to the app. You can find other interesting things and features when you use the app. As a user, you will be fully satisfied with this technology news app. The app also lets you change the language of the content that you are viewing. Presently, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages are supported.

2. TechCrunch

Started in 2005, TechCrunch is another great app for tech lovers. Except for technical blogs you can also get business tips from the app. Android app development company has created this app while keeping in mind the needs of the people. Except for news, they write interesting blogs for the readers. While most blogs written here have a serious tone to them, some might act as a mood lifter.

According to the users, this app works well and also provides rare leaks that are usually hard to uncover. Unique content is the best part of this app. iOS users need not feel left out because they now have an app supporting their devices too. This company won awards for producing unique cases and for reader’s demand.

3. Feedly

In order to use Feedly, a user has to first login with their email address. After logging in Feedly will provide you with news that is tailored for you. You can choose a section of news then the app will get to know what your choices are. It will use this data to filter only that news that might interest you.

This is one of the best technology news app as it learns what you like and provides results accordingly. The app is available on both platforms, Android and iOS. Here, you can switch on the automatic news update option after which will get a notification as soon as a news article is published. You can even change the app theme. Dark, deemed and light are the specific themes that you can apply according to your choice.

4. Tech News Tube

TNT is a well-known mobile tech news app. They have subscription plans for the readers. This is very much similar to the RSS reading app where people will be able to find news after subscription. After completing the primary stage of subscription, your timeline will be updated with a wide variety of news articles. 

The interface looks nice and the app is easy to use. Even the aged people will not find any difficulty when using the app. This app really focuses on the ease of reading. You will never miss out on any article even if you are busy. The app will keep the notification active till you either read the article or dismiss it.

5. Flipboard

This is one of the newest mobile application development news apps. In this app, you will find a plethora of news on tech and mobile development. One of the important features of the app is that you can find out how many people have read the article that you are presently reading. That can help you decide whether you want to continue reading or move on to a different article.

There is no subscription associated with this app. The app also allows users to add their own content or news article.  They also can write blogs on their favourite topics. This is a very unique feature hard to find in other apps.

6. Newsy

It is one of the most popular newspaper apps for iPhone. It is also called a short newspaper app. You will get international news along with the tech news you are looking for. The app introduces new features from time to time to keep readers interested. 

Most of the time, they publish short news that is easy to read. Readers tend to lose interest in an article if it is too long. Their motto is to make news short and interesting. 

7. Scooped News

It is one of the best tech app for android. With a single touch you will get access to news from all over the world. If something becomes trendy you will instantly get it. The app also publishes various tech videos that might interest you.

The blogs here are written in simple language so that every user can enjoy the content published here. This is great for users who like casual reading.


Thus, these seven apps will give you the best experience of reading tech news online. For Android and iOS, these apps are quite good and popular among users. Choose from these apps and you will not be disappointed.

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