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When the majority of people facethe issue of male baldnessandloss of hairat an early stage they may takeoral medications for hair growthoruseexternalhair growth medicationsto treat them as soonasthey can.When the hair loss problembecomes more serious then they tendtowards seekingtreatment.Professionally-trained treatment options,such as hair growth treatmentsas well as hair transplant procedures.In actual fact, which treatmentprocedure to opt for is dependent onnumerous factors, such asthe reason behind hair loss in the first place, the scalp condition, and therange of hair loss. Ifyou’re determined totackle the issue of losing your hair Let’s take a lookin this article for a guideline to showyou the two most commonly usedmethods-“hairgrowing medicine”and” 植髮保養 ” “The advantages, disadvantages, and side effects, so as to find the most suitable treatment for you!”

Oralhair-growth drugs

Themain ingredients of  生髮藥 植髮 marketplace are men’s hormone inhibitors. By inhibiting male hormones, it reduces the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that can damage hair follicles, which helps protect hair follicles and solve the problem of hair loss.

1. Advantages:

Since the main cause ofandrogeneticbaldness isexcessiveDHT male hormoneswithinthe body and oral hair growth medicationsthat blockDHThave a significant impacton the general androgenetic issuesandcan solve the problemfrom the root cause.

2. Disadvantages:

Thereisn’t any therapeutic impactfor loss of hair due todifferent factors likestress, genetics, illnesses, etc. If thehair folliclesare damaged because ofDHTthereis no chance to healorregenerate back to thehair. Evenwhen taking oral hair growthmedications, they can reducethelevelof DHTinthe body. It’s only going to keepother healthy hair folliclesbeing destroyed. Itisn’t possible to achievereal”hair growth” and treatment.Thus, oral hair growthmedications can only slowloss ofhair lossissue, but cannot achieve true”hair growth” and “hair loss treatment”.

3. Side effects:

The pregnant and young childrenshould not be exposedorally administered hair growth medication because it can causefetal malformations and abnormal development.Male users may experience reducedtestosterone and decreased erectile functionsthroughout the course of treatment and then graduallycome back to normal after stoppingthedrug.

Topicaldrugs for hair growth

Through expandingblood vesselsinyour scalp as well as opening up potassium ion channels,medications are utilized to providean increase in oxygen levels and nutrition tohair follicles and to help promotehair follicles that are in theresting phase to the growthphase.

1. Advantages:

The procedure is simpleandeasy and it ismoderately affordable.The overall side effectsaresignificantly less than thoseof oral hair growth drugs.

2. Disadvantages:

The topical hair restorer is able toboost and acceleratethegrowth of hairhowever it does not block theDHTwithinthe body, which meansthat it cannot protect thehair folliclesin the body from being damaged.It is possible to observe obviouseffects on hair growth attheinitial stage of applyingyour topical hair repair producthowever, it’s onlytemporary remedy,not a permanent solution.Method: If you onlyrely on topical hair growthmedication without other treatments,there is a possibility thatthe best treatment timewill be missed andtheproblem of losing hairbecomesmoresevere.

3. Side effects:

植髮有用嗎 must be applied directlytothe scalp area where hair lossoccurs.Pay attention to whetheringredients will trigger skin sensitivity.If redness, severe irritationand swelling occur be sure to discontinuetopically applied hair tonics.

Hair transplant surgery

Following the procedure, thehair folliclesat the back of theof the occiput get transplanted tohighest point of your head,foreheadandother areas of hair loss.When the transplant procedureis completed, the haircells will begin to grow healthy hair.

1. Advantages:

BecauseDHTonly damages thehair folliclesfound on the upperof thehead and the forehead hair follicles transferredfrom the backof the occiputrejuvenate healthy hair,andthe results can besustained for a lifetime.There’s no needtoworry about loss of hairand regaining it after the operation.

2. Disadvantages:

It is recommended to wait6 to 12 months afterthetransplant procedure toseethe finaloutcomes.

3. Side effects:

Hair transplant surgerymay causetiny wounds throughouttheprocedure, andthe need for a certain period of recovery isrequired.

Hair transplant center recommendation

Thedifferent treatments above forhair losseach have advantages, disadvantages and side effects.Hairtransplant surgery isthe only solutionto completely addresstheproblem of loss of hair, and the effect canbe sustained over the course of a lifetime.Patients who are lookingtoovercomethe loss of their hairare advised to consult a professionalandreliable hair transplant centersto receivetreatment.

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