Top Ingredients That Are Used In Italian Dishes

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There is no denying the fact that Italian cuisine is one of the most revered yet mouth-watering cuisines all over the world. Part of what makes all the Italian dishes flavorful is obviously the ingredients used by the chefs. From roasted garlic tomato sauce to basil and more, they use fresh ingredients and fulfill the taste buds. Thus, it is rightly said that all the credit goes to these fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Nevertheless, the dishes differ from one place to the other,there are some of the top ingredients which are used in the Italian dishes. Mentioned below are them.

  • Tomato: You know which is one culinary mainstay when it comes to Italian cuisine? Yeah, you guessed it right. It is tomatoes. Because Italy is known for producing tomatoes in a large number, this ingredient is used in almost every dish. In addition to this, some of them also use a tomato paste sauce to add a tangy flavor. You can use tomatoes while you are making a pizza or salad. Or how about adding some in the soup or if you want to prepare a sauce. Pick up some tomatoes from your nearest store and get started with the procedure. Your tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes is ready to serve.
  • Olive oil: Because of its popularity, olive oil is known as liquid gold. This ingredient is known to be an essential one in Italian cuisine. It is used in almost all dishes. Whether you sprinkle some of it in the salad or over some pasta, it plays an essential role. Most of the Italian families use this ingredient with baked bread. Are you a big fan of olive oil? Get hold of it from your nearest grocery store.
  • Cheese: This is one ingredient that has a special place in every individual’s heart. There are a number of cheeses available in the market. Depending on the taste, most of them add this ingredient since it adds a unique flavor to the same. Some of them use parmesan while cooking. This is basically used while making kinds of pasta and risotto. In addition to this, mozzarella cheese is normally used while making pizza. You can find mascarpone in desserts.
  • Basil: Experts say that this ingredient is used as a herb in the Italian dishes. Most of the Italian families grow basil in their gardens. This way they get fresh ones that too in their own home. One Italian cuisine that is known because of basil is the pesto sauce.
  • Mushrooms: If you are a big fan of Italian cuisine, you must know that no sauce can be prepared without mushrooms. It brings an earthy texture to the dish. Moreover, it brings a hearty flavor and acts as a source of protein. Add mushrooms in the sauce, and you will see how the flavor changes in a blink of an eye.

The gist

So the above mentioned were some of the top ingredients used in Italian dishes. Thus, keel them into consideration the next time you are planning to prepare one.

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