Top Five BBQ Restaurants in Baton Rouge, La


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Dishes are prepared using various methods of cooking at a restaurant. A barbecue restaurant uses a specialized technique of cooking meat and other food items on a barbecue which is a fireplace upon which the food is slow cooked to bring out the real flavor. Meat and pork are the staple food products cooked on a barbecue to bring out the succulent smell and flavor. A BBQ restaurant starts its operation late in the morning in order to start the preparation early in the morning. Barbecue chicken, pork, sandwiches, beef and steak are few of the many food items which can be cooked on a barbecue. BBQ restaurants also prepare barbecue sauces with the help of barbecue style of cooking. Macroni and cheese is one such side dish which is served along with BBQ dishes.

Top Five BBQ Restaurants in Baton Rouge, La are as follows:

  1. Franks Restaurant Baton Rouge:

The restaurant serves the best BBQ and Cajun dishes in the town. Different kind of breads, biscuit and breakfast dishes are also offered in the menu of Frank’s restaurant Baton Rouge. Portion sizes are large and sufficient for single individual. Customer service is excellent and the atmosphere is perfect for a BBQ styles restaurant. Alligator sausage and shrimp fried grits are their specialty served along with barbecue sauce.

  1. Podnuh’s Bar-B-Q:

The restaurant serves the best beef ribs, chicken and potato salad which are prepared using authentic ingredients and traditional BBQ style of cooking. The meat is perfectly cooked which brings out the real flavor of the food. Meat prepared is juicy and tender which is loved by customers. Baked beans is one of the most delicious dishes served at the restaurant.

  1. TJ Ribs:

Babyback ribs and other authentic BBQ dishes are offered at the TJ ribs. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and customer service which attracts elite customers from all over the town. Even the drinks served at the restaurant are delicious which makes the meal wholesome. One can even go for platters which offer almost every dish in small quantities at a great price. The menu also has a separate section of deserts which includes apple cobbler and ice cream sandwich.

  1. Sonny’s BBQ:

The restaurant used traditional oak BBQ styled cooking which makes the meat tender and delicious to taste. The prices are reasonable and the services are quick. The restaurant also has its own salad bar which offers great variety of salads and beans. The place has a great countryside atmosphere and the staff is friendly with the customers.

  1. BRQ Seafood and Barbeque:

It is one of the best barbecue restaurants in Baton Rouge which serves the best smoked meat and seafood along with great variety of cocktails. The restaurant also offers various gluten free options and sauces for health conscious customers. Moreover, the restaurant has amazing decor with great vibes which attract lot of customers.

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Customers must visit every restaurant in order to find out the best among them. However, according to customer and food critics reviews frank’s restaurant Baton Rouge la is the best which serves authentic BBQ styled cooked food.

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