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Recently, Samsung has released its latest flagship mobile phones by the name of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ on 11th March 2018. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the incremental upgrades of the previous flagship mobile phones S8 and S8+. Both the new flagship mobile phones by Samsung features a similar design language as per the previous models but with enhanced and upgraded cameras. The most notable specification which has been done in these latest flagship Samsung mobiles is their dual aperture camera. In this blog, I will be discussing about the top features which you can see in the latest flagship mobile phone S9 and S9+ by Samsung.

AR Emoji:

AR Emoji is considered as one of the best features which are seen in S9 and S9 plus. This new AR Emoji can effortlessly create an avatar version of yourself and it also can be modified with different kind of attributes which include hair color, glasses style and expressions. The user can effortlessly set up the AR Emoji by opening the camera app and switching it to the front facing camera and tapping on the AR Emoji from the selection options at the top side. After taking the picture, you then need to tap on the options that pop up.

Screen Resolution Adjustment:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ features a screen size of 6.2 inch 3K Quad HD+OLED Infinity display with a screen resolution of 2960×1440, which was previously seen in S8 Plus last year. Though, S9 Plus is quite superior to its predecessor when we consider its brightness, reflectivity, outdoor visibility and color accuracy. The default screen resolution of S9 Plus is lower to 2220x1080p FHD+ which helps to conserve battery life. In case you are constantly charging your mobile phone, then I will highly recommend you to set the screen resolution to a high at 2960×1440 WQHD. You can also reduce the screen resolution to HD+ at 1480×720. The user can effortlessly set the screen resolution by going to settings then select Display and then Screen resolution.

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Touch Sensitivity Adjustment:

There are most customers who are not able to use the touch properly when they have applied a screen protector. However, now they don’t have to worry as in Samsung S9 and S9+ you can adjust the touch sensitivity in an effortless manner. You can do this by going to Settings then Advanced Features and then selecting Touch Sensitivity.

Bring Insights to Surroundings by Bixby:

The upgraded Samsung Bixby digital assistant has been deeply integrated in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera. This digital assistant utilizes deep learning and augmented reality to offer its users real-time information about the world. This activates when user points their camera at objects, after that the Bixby will recognize what you are looking at and show information layered on top of it. Moreover, it also includes a Live Translation function within the Bixby Text mode. It automatically translate signs and menus written in currencies and foreign languages. When you open the camera app, tap on Bixby Vision button in the lower-left corner. After that hold the phone up to the text which you need to translate and tap on the T button. It will then convert the foreign language into English or any other default language which you have set in the S9 Plus.

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Take Control of Screen Color Balance:

In Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus there are four different kinds of screen modes which control the display. The four screen modes include Basic, AMOLED Photo, Adaptive Display and AMOLED cinema. Moreover, you can also control the temperature by activating advanced options and then adjusting the RGB spectrum. You can use this feature by going to Settings then Display and then selecting Screen Mode.

Customize Messages App:

In this latest flagship mobile phone by Samsung it allows its users to customize the Messages display. Definitely, you can effortlessly customize the way your Messages app appear by changing its theme on your phone and also adjust its font settings. In order to change the Theme of your Messages app, touch and hold an empty area from a Home Screen. After that you can view all the themes by tapping on “View All” after that select the theme of your choice and select Apply. In order to download themes, touch and hold an empty area from the Home screen then swipe up to view the available themes and select the one you like by taping on Download.

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Dual Bluetooth:

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is powered with Bluetooth version 5.0 as per its specifications. This means that you can now pair more than one Bluetooth headsets at a time. This allow the user to watch movies or listen to music at the same time. The user can pair the two headsets by going into the Bluetooth settings and activate “Dual Audio”.

Set Home Screen in Horizontal Mode:

In this latest flagship mobile phone by Samsung, you can now view your Home screen, app drawer and app icons in horizontal mode. The user can turn this feature on by going to Settings then Display then Home Screen and then selecting Portrait mode.

Manual Control of Camera Aperture:

One of the most signature features of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is its Dual Aperture cameras, which have the capability to adapt to the environment no matter if it is a sunny day or dark night. The user can now control the camera aperture manually by switching into Pro mode of camera and swiping left twice and taping on aperture icon. The aperture can be set to f/1.5 to f/2.4 effortlessly.

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