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The use of Adobe Photoshop is so prevalent in the photo editing field that it even alludes to the end product. For instance, the term “Photoshopped” often refers to a digital photo that is edited in a way that it distorts reality. Think of a photo manipulation, which looks out of the ordinary. Photoshop can create certain outputs, which the digital cameras cannot.

Besides, there is more to photo editing than just retouching or post-processing the RAW images captured on a digital camera. The editing tasks on Adobe Photoshop can take a long time to complete, but it is also well advanced in terms of its editing capabilities. Adobe Lightroom is suitable for light retouching and have features such as presets, which help complete small volume edits much quickly.

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However, for its more advanced techniques and tools, Photoshop stands on its own.

In fact, in the field of photo editing, the software is synonymous with the craft itself. People use the term Photoshop interchangeably or generically to refer to the manipulated photos, even when the software used for that is something else. However, editing in Photoshop is not an easy craft to master for a beginner, especially. The software has plenty of filters and features that require some getting used to.

Outsourcing photo editing tasks are often costly for professional photographers, so most of them are self-starters when it comes to the job. That is why most beginners search for free, expert tips on how to edit photos on the internet. These 7 photo editing tutorial websites can help budding editors to get started with the Adobe software. Even if you are planning to become a professional editor, these sites can help achieve your goals.

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Site#1: Photoshop on Adobe

Of course, what better way to learn photo editing hacks than on Adobe’s website itself? They are the ones that made it, after all, so the tips are coming from a primary source you can fully trust. Here, the tutorials include how-to guides on the use of Photoshop tools and even techniques. So, if you want tutorials and videos that serve as a definitive guide to Photoshop, the first site for that is the one from Adobe. It covers everything from basic editing to color grading and advanced techniques such as those used for image background removal. The company website has plenty of tutorials up for grabs for free. What’s more, you can filter them out and choose according to your skill level in editing.

Site#2: Photoshop Essentials

This tutorial site claims that it is created primarily for beginners to Photoshop. It covers a range of articles on basic edits and slightly advanced retouching workflows. They are all presented illustrating the all the steps in an edit with highlights to help you out. Apart from the blogs published on the site, you can find the how-to guides as PDF files provided you pay for that. You can access the PDF tutorials only by becoming a member for a stipulated time period. Getting the PDFs can help you learn the topics at your leisure. Besides, the site has provided links to their YouTube channel that offers the same type of Photoshop tutorials as videos.

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Site#3: Tuts+

One of the plus points of this photo editing tutorial website is that it provides the instructive blogs in several languages, including English. Of course, if you are on some of the other Photoshop tutorial websites on laptops and computers, you can rely on Google Chrome’s translate feature. If the site supports translation, that would come in handy. This one offers simple-to-read guides, mostly on the end tasks with Photoshop such as how-to edit a cut-out or something likewise.

Site#4: Photoshop Cafe

A hallmark of a good tutorial is a good mix of both how-to use tools and how-to achieve editing tasks. This one has balanced out their blogs for users with varying levels of skills in Adobe Photoshop. Since it has YouTube videos within some of the content, you can fall back on extras to get a better understanding of what is mentioned in the blogs. Plus, the site’s topics cover the present trends and effects on the photo editing Apps.

Site#5: Lynda

The tutorial videos on this website feature digital experts who touch upon a broader range of topics, including the art of photography. Knowing some of the techniques in photography can help with editing also. If your photo editing skills are a bit more advanced, know more about both crafts on this website.

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Site#6: Digital Tutors

There are so many things one needs to know while editing photos. In fact, even the way you calibrate the monitor can impact the workflows such as color correcting. If your career ambition is to become a top editor, then check out Digital Tutors. Its topic includes everything from advanced editing techniques and tools in Photoshop.

Site#7: Design Stacks

Design Stacks offer shareable instructional exercises to enable you to take in Photoshop from about start to finish. You can begin with the basics which will enable you to comprehend ideas like layers and non-dangerous evade and consume, and proceed onward to photograph controls, enhancements, and web formats.


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