Top 5 Summer Vacation Destinations in 2019


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In the flaming heat of the Summers, the idea that can storm everyone is the thought of setting out in vacations. You can conceptualize yourself dreaming into the calmy slushy mountains, paradise beaches to busk upon to relax, tasting the different cuisines, roaming around the regions and bridging the cultures. The world is full of holiday destinations but in this blog, you are provided with the best 5 options to spend your holidays. You will be guided about everything related to the mentioned places.

Basque Country, Spain

In Northern Spain, it is a sovereign community of above 2 million living with strong cultural traditions, appetizing traditional foods, and its distinct language. Bilbao is its riverside city, home of architecture and design. Basque country major tourist attractions are the cities of Bilbao, San Sabastian, Zarautz, and Vitoria- Gasteiz. It embraces you to discover its rich history, nature and, culture.

Reaching Bilbao, and venturing into the seven famous streets of the old quarter deserve your importance. It is a cosmopolitan, welcoming and a town, meld of its old cultural footprints and the standard modern society.

San Sebastian is a city with three beaches and plenty of Bars and restaurants to enjoy your vacations with many traditional tastes. In San Sebastian, you can also enjoy the fishing port, Museums, gazing the picturesque monuments roaming around the old city. You have a lot of activity in San Sebastian.

Zarautz is a beach located on the coastal line of Gipuzkoa. It is a holiday destination you can never miss when in Spain. From around the world, the surfers especially come to Zarautz to spend their best vacation time here.

Being a visitor if you are not willing to taste the local foods then there are the options of Fas food like Mcdonalds, KFC, etc. But if you want to try the dishes in that part of Spain so the Squid, Marmitako, Bacalao al pil-pil, and Alubias de Tolosa are the famous Spanish dishes you may try.

Corfu, Greece

The green island, Corfu is the most beautiful destination in Greece for spending your summers. Along with the heavenly beaches, with plenty of eye-catching natural landscapes, you would experience the best days of your life in the most peaceful spot on earth.

Corfu, Greece

History Note: Do you know that the first Modern Greek University was established here?

Corfu is a home of many museums and the memorials as it is culturally so riched part of the land. Along with that, would you remain hungry in Corfu, of course not, so let me tell you about the famous dishes of Corfu you must have to try? Sofrito is the leading and famous dish locals recommend the foreigners. Other than this is grilled lamb, Turkish Soup and Pastitsada will add in your best experiences in Corfu.

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is one of the extensive cities in Morocco. located on the Atlantic coast, It is an appealing seashore tourist destination. It is rated in the top Morocco tourist attractions among the best African tourism destinations. So you wish to soak up on the sensational beaches of Agadir? Let’s move.

Agadir has beautiful resorts, alluring beaches, museums, golf courses, markets, and parks to keep your kids busy with different activities. There’s a lot to explore in the city other than this.

Did you ever try a Tagine named Dish ever? In every café or the restaurant in Morocco, that is considered the national cuisine. You will be offered  Delicious traditional Tagine made of lamb meat of beef that will change your perspective of taste. Couscous is the other leading dishes you will be eating in Agadir, I’m sure you will write me back about your experiences in Agadir, especially the taste of the delicious local dishes. Agadir is definitely worth a visit.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

A home of colorful hill tribes, Chiang Mai is a land of Hazy mountains, literally a paradise. It is a city located in the north of Thailand having hundreds of Buddhist Holy temples. Chiang Mai is a cultural and religious center, but also the leading tourist attraction.

Relaxing in the calmy mountains and adventuring around, you would have the opportunity to shop from the local and main markets over there. Do you know about Thai Massage? That is most famous, You will see Massage centers in Chiang Mai and can have a great session of Massage in the peaceful holiday destination.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Are you foody? Chiang Mai has a wonderful cuisine for you. Khao Soi is said to be the most popular dish of Chiang. Khan Toke, a collection of many dishes, Sai Oua, Nam prik omg are the leading dishes you must try when on holidays in Thailand. Before marching to Bangkok, Buy some souveniers for the friends and the family members at home. I hope you could have taken a lot of pictures in Chiang Mai, those pictures would always inspire you of the time you spent in Chiang Mai.

Tasmania, Australia

The island is non-public but a masterpiece of nature to witness. It is an isolated island situated on the south coast of Australia. It is a home of just 5 lac people having the world’s most tempting art galleries, and the best eye-catching sceneries of the world.

Tasmania, Australia

Its Capital, Hobart Embraces you as it is cuddled by the mountains around itself. It has a beautiful landscape of mountains and the falling river. Once there, you will be wandering into the footprints of colonial architecture, the old city areas. As Hobart’s sights will make you hungry, It offers you the best cuisine includes delicious Meat pies, Flinder Island Lamb and the famous Fudge.

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