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Want to make your mark in the world’s most in-demand career industry? With massive job opening across the world, this will be the right time for one to deep dive. But, before you dive, you need a safety jacket, like Sprintzeal’s cyber security certification program with detailed information and actionable resources that are needed for the course. Further, we will follow through the top 5 in-demand career opportunities in the cybersecurity segment. Details on the Cyber Security Jobs market, educational requirements, and certifications are followed through the blogs.


To crack into a top job in the cybersecurity industry, education plays a key role. While many companies prefer candidates with a Master’s program, it a not a must to have. But, we strongly suggest considering a master’s program for you to have a longing carrier. A master’s degree in related programs with boosting the aspirant with additional technical and theoretical skills. Also, depending on the program that one is opting in their master’s program will help in obtaining multiple other soft skills such as leadership, managerial, and business skills which are very much essential for high-level positions in management.

Top 5 Cyber Security Jobs in the Industry

1. Information Security Analyst

Cyber Security Jobs listed at 4th place in the among the best technology jobs in India with premium salary packages. The main responsibility in the profile is to encrypt and protect sensitive information. One will generate plans, strategies, and implement necessary actions to prevent attacks. Also, policies are developed to protect the organizations from such attacks, to monitor the data access, to adhere to the compliance of policies, and to train other employees.

2. Lead Software Security Engineer

The main role here is with leading a team of security experts in an organization. Analyzing and assessing risk before they evolve, development of secure software, and identifying the critical vulnerabilities. A lead software security engineer can easily take home an average annual salary well over six figures

3. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

One can attain this profile only with years of experience, here the one is in charge of developing security guidelines, implementing strategies, and maintaining the security processes that protect an organization from incoming threats and risk.

4. Security Architect

This profile plays a major role in analyzing the security threats and recommending subsequent solutions to protect the information of a project within the organization. One might have previously participated in the development of security hardware and software solutions, oversee a team, and train staff on security policies.

5. Penetration Tester

They are in charge of identifying and reporting the major vulnerabilities in an organization’s network. With multiple software and hardware tools, one has to work consistently in testing and probing the network.

Certifications are the oxygen for a Cyber Security enthusiast

Important certifications for those who seek to make or grow their career in Cyber Security Jobs must consider a few of the following certifications;

1. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP):-

This is one of the many leading cybersecurity certifications, which helps you in opening the door to higher-level positions, promotions and also offers the potential for increased pay. It is a must required certification for many jobs at the Department of Defense(DoD) and carries a high weight beyond the DoD as well.

2. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM):-

This certification focuses on risk management, assessment, governance, and compliance of security policies.

3. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA):-

For auditing, monitoring, and assessing information systems this is the certification that is in demand.

4. Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC):-

This certification program focuses mainly on technical capabilities such as forensics and intrusion detection among others.

5. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH):-

For entry-level applicants, this certification will be a great way to land your first job or to get you into an entry-level position at your top preferred company.

Have you decided which one to get certified? Or are you in a confused state with which one to choose? Either way, Sprintzeal is the right solution for both questions. To get your certification done under the strong guidance of our good experience team and to boost your carrier either as a fresher or as an experienced, reach out to us through call, email, or customer support number provided on our website.

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