Top 5 Awesome Tricks for Shopping at Amazon


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Online shopping is no longer a luxury but has evolved into necessity for people belonging to almost every strata of the society. The reasons for this are the availability of almost every conceivable product under the sun at affordable prices in addition to the convenience of conducting the purchase from the comfort of home. These virtual marketplaces offer a lot of benefits but most buyers are ignorant about them and in this article we will share a few tricks for shopping at Amazon, one of the biggest players of the segment.

1.Register With Prime Membership

Regular users of this virtual megastore can sign up for the Amazon Prime program at an annual charge of Rs 999 or the monthly plan at Rs 129. Members enjoy multiple benefits covering every aspect of the online shopping process like free one or two day delivery of eligible products to the registered address or discounted same day or morning delivery at Rs 50. They also get early access to Lightning deals and some items under this section are meant solely for Prime subscribers. Moreover there is a Prime Exclusive segment featuring products meant only for registered clients. The biggest advantage a user gets is in the form of unlimited access to high quality world class video and audio content without paying any extra charges. Those buyers who have just started a family can take advantage of their subscription by getting 15% off on specific products in their Baby Wish List.

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2.Track Regular Deals

The portal offers numerous deals that can be taken advantage of by registering as a buyer and getting regular updates. There are daily offers with discounts or Lightning Deals that are open for very short period and feature commodities at reduced prices and a customer can also take advantage of the Clearance Store and Certified Refurbished sections that ha products across various categories at hugely diminished rates. Regular shoppers can also use the subscribe and save characteristic to get good value for money on regularly bought entries of their shopping list. They have to select the amount and the delivery date for each month (upto 6 months) and subscribe with Amazon taking care of the free shipment on the specified date with savings upto 10%. Consumers can also save money by redeeming Amazon cashback coupons on eligible products across varied categories.

3.Create A Wish List

This attribute can be used for saving the desired products for purchasing at a later date with the store sending regular updates on their availability or related to an appealing scheme related to them. Entries to the list can be added not only from the choices offered on the portal but also from any other website by activating the Amazon Assistant extension on the browser or getting the mobile application. The privacy settings are adjustable and one can view the lists of their friends which makes for easy gifting choices. One of the most creative tricks for shopping at Amazon, it is also helping in social causes as organizations can populate their catalogue with things needed and people can choose and donate the listed items.

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4. Use Amazon Pay

The online payments service of the e-store can also be used to save money while completing the transaction quickly. A user has to load some money in the facilities account which facilitates expedient payment as there is no need to generate a One Time Password (OTP) or any other such device for completing the buying procedure. The service is useful for recharging mobile and DTH connections and other activities like booking movie tickets as the individual is guaranteed some amount as cash back. Those looking to pay in instalments can also use this method as they are not required to make any down payment or pay any processing fees.

5.Connect Social Accounts

In the current scenario when privacy has become a huge issue, this may not seem like an ideal piece of advice but synchronising the Facebook and Twitter accounts can be useful in getting favourable returns. The online giant is extremely proactive on the networks and replies appropriately to every comment whether inquisitive, complaining or praising in nature. A connected purchaser can view all the reviews about a needed item which assists in making an informed choice apart from getting information about the date related schemes through their daily feed.

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The largest online retailer in the world has a wide array of products across innumerable categories and these tricks for shopping at Amazon can be used by an individual to get more value for money by obtaining the desired products at cheap prices.

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