Top 5 Aspects to Consider for Initiating a Picture-Perfect Ecommerce Venture


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If you think that there is just one way for the eventual success of a website then you are wrong. There are many ways like design, development and finally marketing that offer a chance for a company to excel in this regard. If you are also looking to start a company or wondering what went wrong with your business which went bust without a trace, this blog will help you out in finding a reason for it.

Companies looking for e-commerce ventures need to think out of the box so that they can have a real chance of making it to the top. In the UAE market and especially in the city of Dubai, the competition is cutthroat, to say the least, and that’s any company need t be really vigilant. Design and development of a website are thus should be their top priority.

There are many trends concerning the design and development element of a website that can make it work or otherwise wreck your chances for any kind of success. If I’ll tell you one aspect of web development/design and tell you that is the only thing you need to do, I’ll be misleading you. So let me offer you top 5 aspects in this regard that are the least requirement for an e-commerce portal.

1. Apt Product Description

You cannot just shy away from the sole purpose of offering the products to your customers in the best way possible. The product description is important, to say the least. Follow the process when you create product descriptions for product pages. Use spaces and bullet points to make it easy for users to scan through product description. A firm adept at providing customized ecommerce web development Dubai can be of perfect assistance to you.

2. The context of the Product Images

Images can be really important for you to consider as a company’s top management. When it comes to images, make sure you use as many images as you can to give a better product feel to the user. More importantly, you should use product images with context. For instance, if you are selling a t-shirt, a simple close-up image won’t work. Instead, you need to put up an image of a person wearing it to show customers how it will look on them. A video is also a good option concerning this product as just a 10-second video will be enough to show the t-shirt from front and back.

3. Complete Attention on offering Benefits to the Customers

If you have heard this advice before, fret not as this is important that’s why you are reminded for it time and again. Customers are always concerned about the benefits they are going to have after purchasing a product. They are not interested in the product features and most of the technical details for instance specifications. So your product page should focus on highlighting the benefits of the product for the person who is looking to buy it so that he will feel content that he has made a wise decision.

4. Make the “Add to Cart” Button Bold Enough

At all times look to highlight the “add to cart” button as this is where you will succeed in selling the products to your target market. Button placement is a critical element along with its shape, color and label text to make your “Add to Cart” button stand out. Make it as prominent as possible for optimum use. Mark my word; this will surely help you increase your sales.

5. Make Checkout Process Extremely Easy

Lengthy checkout process can be a real put off for many people and that’s where you need to be vigilant. Do you know why people make online purchases? The convenience factor is the biggest one so that you need very concerning it. Ask only necessary information and eliminate the extra form fields to make the checkout process as easy as possible. Don’t leave any stone unturned in making this step a walk in the park for your customer for best results.

Final Word

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