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Hollywood’s darling and international pride of UNESCO Audrey Hepburn had once said “as you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.” Her wisdom fell onto upcoming generations of talented and fortunate people.

  1. Bill Gates

To top the list we have none other than the creator of Microsoft and world’s richest entrepreneur according to FORBES. THE BILL AND MIRANDA GATES FOUNDATION has been a benefactor to millions of unfortunate across the world. His organization has responsibly employed candidates of the third world order.

  1. Warren Buffet

This business giant and philanthropist is often referred as the ‘sage of Omaha’ for his ever generous donating habits. Recognized as one of the world’s wealthiest people by TIME, he has indebeted himself with a donation of more than 2 billion yearly.  Get more inormative blogs on

  1. George Soros Hungarian

Ever since the 1970’s his charitable associations drew him public importance throughout America. Through the OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS, it was estimated that he had given a total of 8 billion dollars for privileging the less fortunate.

  1. Gordon Moore

Gordon and his wife Betty joined together in holy matrimony to extend a helping hand for the not so cared about environment.the GORDON AND BETTY MOORE FOUNDATIONS donated 2 million dollars for education and awareness of ecological conservation.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg:

Facebook’s sole inventor Zukerberg and his wife Pricilia became the largest contributers of philanthropic chronicles in 2013. The SILICON VALLEY FOUNDATION COMMUNITY donated a total of 18 million for the betterment of public health.

  1. Larry Page Allen

He is the youngest and one of the largest contributors among people against ebola. If you wish to get through more inormative blogs Just Search for best blogging site where you find more articles like this.

  1. Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg is the 10th richest person in the US and his donations amount to 1240 million dollars from year2005-11 in various sectors of the economy.

  1. Azim Premji

Also known as Indian Bill Gates, founder of WIPRO gave 25% of his fortune to charity in 2013 and also took an oath to donate another 25% in the next five years.

  1. Ratan Tata                                                            

Ex- Chairman of India’s biggest tech group continues with his nobles acts of kindess as a charity worker to this day. The TATA GROUP has come a long way in providing employment to uncountable Indian youth and developing industrial sectors. Ratan Tata has been acclaimed for his contribution to educational institutions in India and abroad.

  1. Nicholas Woodman

Also known as the ‘mad billionaire’ he was honoured for his charitable endevours with BUILD in 2014. With an estimated donation of 500 million dollars, Woodman became the largest donater in the industry of technology the same year.

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