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 Have you ever read Japanese Manga series?  Or Korean Manhwa and even Chinese Manhua?  So what is the difference between the comic lines of the countries?  Join us to find answers and rank 10+ the best websites to help you read comics for free.

 Japanese manga is still a force in the Asian comic book industry.  From their famous works such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Doraemon, Connan created a global craze and made Manga the king of the Asian comic industry.  They have created flywheels to develop derivative products such as Anime, Hentai, Doujins, hentai manga and free online manga created by the readers themselves.  But as technology changed and the industry’s king was still drunk, a subversive was slowly emerging.  It was Webtoon Manhwa.

 Webtoon was born by accident when mobile technology has become more popular. Readers want to read something on the subway, in a coffee shop or outside the park.  And Webtoon was born with that mission, webtoon products such as boys love webtoon, girls love, mature webtoon, webtoon 18+ also flourished. In addition, manhwa raw versions were released regularly every week.  .

 Names such as the Korean Webtoon Manhwa wave gradually emerged and ambition to shape the new industry such as Webtoon Naver, Toomics, Tapas, Lezhin, Manycomic entertainment, Manytoon comics … Their products are not only content.  The plot is good and has beautiful color designs (different from the black-and-white print of traditional hentai manga comics) but also is formatted vertically on smart devices to help readers read the story easily. Female readers and LGbt community from USA and Europe are one of the big boys who love comic boys love webtoon, they love reading web bloon because they bring new emotions and create a world immensely.  live without webcomics from Europe.

 Here are the top 10+ websites you can read Webtoon for free and the 10 most popular film adaptations from Webtoons in 2020 will be released.

 1 – Tapas Media

 2 – Tappytoon Comics

 3 – Manycomic Entertainment

 4 – Lezhin Comics

 6 –

 7 –

 8 –

 9 – Toomics Comics

 10 –

 11- Manytoon Comics



  1. Cheese in the Trap (2016)

The story revolves around the relationship between college student Hong Seol – a hard-working student and she returns to school after a long hiatus and her senior Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin). Because of the difficult circumstances, Hong Seol had to work extra jobs to earn a living.  while Yoo Jung is a perfect guy in everything, but the seal after that perfection is the hidden corner of this guy’s soul.  The one who will resolve your problems is this female student, Hong Seol.

  1. My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)

 My ID Is Gangnam Beauty was written by Kee Maeng-kee and has gained a lot of attention because of its focus on beauty standards in Korea and plastic surgery.  The story is about a girl named Kang Mi-rae as she tries to adjust to her new life at university after undergoing cosmetic surgery.  She meets Do Kyung-seok, who appreciates and loves her appearance.

  1. Rugal (2020)

 Kang Ki Bum is an energetic detective.  He was focused on investigating the criminal organization Argos, but when he returned home, Ki Bum met some masked men.  Ki Bum’s wife and children were killed by the masked men sent by Argos.  They defeated and bared Ki Bum’s eyes.  When Kang Ki-Bum regained consciousness in the hospital and was charged with murder, NIS approached.  Kang Ki Bum was selected to become a member of Rugal, a special group run by NIS.  Through technology, Ki Bum is fitted with two artificial eyes with special abilities.  Kang Ki Bum and the Rugal are responsible for destroying this criminal organization.

  1. Hell is other people (2019)

 The Strange Person From Hell revolves around the young man Yoon Jong Woo (Im Si Wan).  He lived in a small city since birth, but found a job in a small office in Seoul.  Yoon Jong Woo moved to Seoul and lived in a cheap hostel, where everyone shared a kitchen and bathroom.  Yoon Jong Woo doesn’t like living here at all, especially when his neighbors all look weird and suspicious.

  1. What’s wrong with the secretary Kim (2018)

 The drama revolves around the romance between the smart, talented but presumptive vice president Lee Young Joon and the beautiful and good secretary Kim Mi So.  After 9 years as a secretary, Kim Mi So felt tired and decided to resign, only then did Lee Young Joon realize her true value.

  1. Love alarm (2019)

 The story begins with the Love Alarm app that detects and rings an alarm when people crushing the owner of the phone are standing within 10 meters.  The application quickly became popular and loved by young people.  Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) – a high school girl because of Love Alarm also falls in love triangle with two friends Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) and Lee Hye Yeong (Jung Ga Ram).  Both Sun Oh and Hye Yeong like Kim Jo Jo.  Sun Oh is a handsome, rich and famous male student.  Although he just transferred to the school, he keeps getting “Love Alarm” because there are so many girls crushing him.  And Hye Yeong is a manly man, do not bother to install “Love Alarm” because he is a cult of classic love.

  1. Extraordinary You (2019)

 The story is about The Girl of a wealthy family suffering from heart disease, despite many surgeries, the situation still does not get better.  After feeling the strange things happening to her, she discovers that she and the people around her live in a fantasy world of a teen comic book called “The Secret” in which she is  supporting character.  Her fate and the fate of everyone in the comic world are determined by the book’s writer.  Not accepting her fate, she decided to change her fate by changing the story’s plot and finding her true love.

  1. Itaewon Class (2020)

 The story is about Park Sae-ro-yi and his group of friends as they together overcome life’s challenges to make their own dreams.  Sae-ro-yi lost his father in an accident due to a rich man who had a son, and when he was released from prison many years later, he was determined to avenge his father’s death.  To do so, he decided to make it big and earn money by first opening a pub in the bustling neighborhood of Itaewon.

  1. Memorist (2020)

 With the ability to read people’s memories, Dong Baek cooperated with the police to solve the cases.  When a series of mass murders occurred, Dong Baek teamed up with a talented cop Han Sun-mi to stop the killer and prevent further deaths.  However, when they chased the murderer, the truth about their personal troubles began to unravel, and the murders quickly became much more chaotic than anything they had.  see

  1. Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020)

 The Myst Pop-up Bar tells the story of a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking facility) run by an evil woman named Wol-joo (Hwang Jung-eum), a part-time employee  the innocent Han Han-bae (Yook Sung-jae), and a former afterlife detective called Chief Gwi (Choi Won-young), who visit customers in their dreams to help solve their problems.  surname.

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