TOEFL Preparation: 8 steps to score well in TOEFL


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Know the Format of the Test

Know the TOEFL exam pattern and TOEFL syllabus thoroughly. The test is made of four modules, with scores divided equally among the modules. The modules are TOEFL Reading, TOEFL Listening, TOEFL Writing and TOEFL Speaking. The TOEFL scores are given between 0 and 120, with 120 being the highest score one can achieve. Normally, Institutes accept scores above 80-85 around the world.

Set a Minimum Goal for Yourself

It is very important that you set a goal for yourself. If you know the University you are applying for would require certain TOEFL score, them the goal should be 10 to 20 points higher than the required. Write it somewhere you can see it every day, so it will keep reminding you what is needed to be achieved. Make sure the goal you set for yourself is realistic and achievable.

Read Non-technical English

Read news, and fiction. It is important that you read news and fictional short stories, as the format of the passages in the exam will be of the same pattern. Try to understand what you are reading constantly, and at the end, you can self-question what you have read, and what the understanding of it is. It will improve your vocabulary, too. Underline new words, and don’t forget to look them up in the dictionary.

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Listening to English with intent to Learn

Listen to English speakers as much as you can. Native speakers will obviously have the most fluent speech. When you listen to a language with intent of learning, focus on the idea of the speech, where the speaker is pausing and stressing the words, and what is the purpose of the speech. Just as reading, self-questioning works here, too. Once you are done with the audio, listen to it again to check where the answers were, and if they were correct or not.

Writing Practice before the Test

As per TOEFL exam Pattern, the writing is made of two tasks, and the time duration of the module is 50 minutes. So when you practice your writing, do it with a timer. Set the timer for 20-23 minutes for each essay. The extra time is for checking for mistakes and corrections.

Practice Speaking English

Make a group of peers and friends and decide to speak only in English. It will not come easy if you do not have a habit of speaking in English daily, but practice is must when it comes to speaking a language. Listening English in larger amount will help you with speaking, too. Another practice you can develop is to speak in English when you are alone. It will do wonders to your confidence for spoken English.

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TOEFL Practice Tests

Last but not the least, when you are a little familiar with the language, start practicing with the online TOEFL Practice Tests. There is tons of material available online, and many websites offer not only the practice tests, but tutoring also. TOEFL preparation might look intimidating, but with enough practice, it can be cracked comfortably.

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