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Writing Module of IELTS seems the difficult one module of IELTS Exam. Many students feel that it is so hard to score high in IELTS Writing. But here we want to clear that writing is not as much difficult as it seems to you. Only, you need to have the right information about how to attempt the IELTS Writing task. Below you will find important IELTS writing tips to help with the IELTS Writing module’s Task 1 and

  1. Don’t write too little:

For Task 1, you have to write 150 words, and for Task 2, you have to type 250 words. Make sure you do not write less than this amount or your band score may be low. Begin to know how many words you normally write in a row. In this way you will know roughly without having to count almost all words – you probably have not taken the time to do so!

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Don’t write too much:

The examiner is looking for quality, not quantity! You do not necessarily get more marks to write more, so do not write more for no reason. It will really depend on your writing ability. A high level person needs to spend less time checking his grammar, which will be more time to write. But if this is not you, make sure that you write at least minimum words, and then use the additional time to check your grammar.

Plan and check your answer:

Do not just start typing at the time when the time is up and stop at the end. Use some time in the beginning, from which you can understand the question, think on your thoughts and plan your answer. Then spend some time at the end of checking your grammar.

Spend more time on Task 2:

The more points are for task 2 and for this task 100 words are required, so spend 20 minutes on task 1 and 40 minutes on task 2. It does not matter what you write first.

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Write clearly:

You are not being classified on your writing; however, if the examiner cannot read any of the things you wrote, then it is not going to help you! So try writing clearly.

Organize clearly:

Do not present to the examiner with the writing wall! Ensure that you use paragraphs to split those different arguments or topics you are discussing.

Don’t copy the question:

Never mimic the question! You may want to use the question (or it is called rubric) at the beginning of both functions to present the subject, but make sure you put it in your own words.

Use a variety of sentence structures:

The tester will have to see what your grammatical limit is, so make sure that you are not using limited types of sentence types. To get a high score, you have to show that you can use simple, compound and complicated sentences.

Read the question carefully:

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This is the most important one IELTS writing tips! When students write essays, then one of the most common mistakes is not answering a question. Write Ruby very carefully and make sure you are clear about what you have to write. If you are writing about the wrong topic or are not really answering the questions you are asking, then your band score will be low.

Read all instructions carefully:

Along with all the modules of IELTS testing, make sure that you have read all the instructions carefully. They will tell you where to write each answer and what you need to do.

By following these IELTS writing tips given by the experts of the Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh, you’ll be a step closer the band score you need.

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