Tips To Safely Install AC in Your Room

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AC has become one of the most essential appliances that people need in their lives. To maintain room temperature, AC is used especially in hot weather. Therefore, people take extra safety measures to make their AC in the best working state. 

Also, installing an AC is a critical job. If it’s not installed properly then you will face maintenance issues and other relevant problems.  Also, for this reason, the AC won’t be able to give the desired cooling. Therefore, here are some tips to safely install AC in your room. You can also visit for air conditioning cost to install.

Select The Correct Location 

The first and foremost aspect to install an AC is to decide its location. Therefore, you need to decide on the correct location. You can also hire an AC installation service for getting the best results.

Then choose the outlet according to the side from where the AC cord extends and install it near an outlet as recommended. It is also important to read the manual guide.

Stability And Height Of The Wall

Most importantly, the wall where you are going to mount the AC should be durable and stable. The strength of the wall matters. A weaker wall might tear through the process of installation and can ruin it after you install your AC. Thus, the wall should be strong enough to support your AC. Moreover, you can ask your AC installation Service to check the strength of the wall.

Also, you can get their help to fix any air conditioning issue. Furthermore, the height at which you install your AC should be approximately seven to eight feet above the ground. Also, there should be 15 cm of space around the top and sides of the AC. As a result, this space will give room for the air to circulate through the room efficiently.

Correct Tilt Angle

Finally, another important point is to make sure that the aluminum bracket should be given a slight tilt angle. This helps in the unrestricted flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe. 

This might seem unimportant but this is an equally vital component for a fully functioning AC. Make sure of this while the installation of the AC so you will be able to have proper and operational AC.


Be attentive specifically at the time of the installation process. In addition, check and make sure all of the components mentioned above are fulfilled. It’s recommended to have a service company to install your AC, however, you should learn the basic and safe steps to install an AC. 

This way you will be able to know what the person is actually doing when he installs the AC. hence, Increase your knowledge and stay alert during your AC installation process.

Remember, if you got an estimate over the phone, you should look for someone else. We will see why you should receive an offer or a formal estimate from several contractors rather than just one. You would like to receive multiple quotes in order to not only compare prices but also get a feel for a potential HVAC service contractor to professionally repair and determine what needs to be fixed with your air conditioner.

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